The Winning Formula

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If you’re an avid gamer, chances are you’re quite a big fan of the feeling of winning. It’s one that everyone loves, but one that is particularly relevant to those of us who game, being one of the main reasons why we have such a passion for playing. It’s the reason we can stand to go through such an array of emotions in a game – staying up all night with exhaustion, almost dying multiple times and then finally completing that level you’ve been stuck on for weeks on end and experiencing complete elation.

The psychology behind winning is just as captivating as the actual feeling of winning. Did you know for example, that when you win at something, the dopamine feedback loop remembers how you achieved that victory, so that you can replicate the same behaviour in future. It’s this function that is to thank for knowing how to retrace your steps in a game or reach a certain level again.

Those of you familiar with Fable will know the quote “that’s how games work. Winners get prizes and losers bleed a lot and then get eaten by worms”. If you’re playing a game, then you want to win – that’s a fact. But have you ever wondered why we have certain feelings whilst trying to win a game? Luckily, Betway Casino have done the research for you, creating an insightful infographic which talks through the stages our brain goes through in the run up to a win.

Have a read through below, but we warn you, there is a high chance that after reading you’re going to want to hop in your gaming chair and hit play!

Image: Betway Casino

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