THQ Nordic PSN Sale Now Up, Check Out the Complete List of Diverse Titles

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Coinciding with Sony’s PlayStation “PS Plus Specials” sale that just went live today, there’s a THQ Nordic PSN sale going on right now, too! As one can expect, THQ-published games both new and old can be had at discounted prices.

Thanks to Reddit’s weebae, you can check the complete list below.

GamePrice% OffPS+% Off
2015 Honda Vehicle Bundle$4.1930%$2.9950%
2015 Kawasaki Vehicle Bundle$4.1930%$2.9950%
2015 Suzuki Vehicle Bundle$4.1930%$2.9950%
2015 Yamaha Vehicle Bundle$5.5930%$3.9950%
ArcaniA – The Complete Tale$7.9960%$3.9980%
Baja: Edge of Control HD$11.9960%$5.9980%
Battle Chasers: Nightwar$14.9950%$8.9970%
Battle Worlds: Kronos$7.9960%$3.9980%
Black Mirror$15.9960%$7.9980%
Copper Canyon Open World$5.5930%$3.9950%
Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition$17.9940%$14.9950%
Darksiders Warmastered Edition$11.9940%$9.9950%
Darksiders: Fury’s Collection – War and Death$23.9940%$19.9950%
de Blob$7.9960%$3.9980%
de Blob 2$20.9930%$14.9950%
Destroy All Humans!$6.9965%$2.9985%
Destroy All Humans! 2$6.9965%$2.9985%
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut$4.4970%$1.4990%
Legend of Kay Anniversary$8.9970%$2.9990%
Lock’s Quest$5.9970%$1.9990%
MX vs ATV All Out$29.9940%$19.9960%
MX vs ATV All Out: 2017 Honda Vehicle Bundle$3.9920%$2.9940%
MX vs ATV All Out: 2017 Husqvarna Vehicle Bundle$6.3920%$4.7940%
MX vs ATV All Out: 2017 Kawasaki Vehicle Bundle$3.9920%$2.9940%
MX vs ATV All Out: 2017 KTM Vehicle Bundle$7.9920%$5.9940%
MX vs ATV All Out: 2017 Suzuki Vehicle Bundle$3.9920%$3.4930%
MX vs ATV All Out: 2017 Yamaha Vehicle Bundle$6.3920%$4.7940%
MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore$8.9970%$2.9990%
Rad Rodgers$15.9920%$13.9930%
Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered$20.9930%$14.9950%
Red Faction II$4.4970%$1.4990%
Rogue Stormers$5.9970%$1.9990%
Rogue Stormers & Giana Sisters Bundle$7.4970%$2.4990%
Sine Mora EX$5.9970%$1.9990%
Squall Valley Open World$5.5930%$3.9950%
Supercross Track Pack 1$6.9930%$4.9950%
Supercross Track Pack 2$6.9930%$4.9950%
Supercross Track Pack 3$6.9930%$4.9950%
Supercross Track Pack 4$6.9930%$4.9950%
Supercross Track Pack Bundle$5.9970%$1.9990%
The Dwarves$11.9970%$3.9990%
The Raven Remastered$16.4945%$10.4965%
This is the Police$6.9965%$2.9985%
Titan Quest$14.9950%$8.9970%
We Sing$11.9960%$5.9980%
We Sing Pop$11.9960%$5.9980%

That’s one diverse lineup of games, right? Shooter fans, don’t sleep on the Red Faction series!