Titanfall Dev Q&A – Compainion App in the Works, Matchmaking and Party Improvements Incoming

Respawn Entertainment producer Drew McCoy recently took to Twitter during a recent flight to answer a few questions about the studio’s just-launched Xbox One and PC shooter, Titanfall.

During the Q&A session, McCoy confirmed a number of incoming improvements to the title, while mentioning that an official companion SmartGlass/iOS/Android App is also currently in the works. Check out his tweets below:

As a quick reminder, McCoy explained that private matches are going to be implemented in an upcoming patch, as is a fix for the PC’s frame rate cap, which is currently locked at 60 FPS.

McCoy also talked about plans of increasing the Xbox One version’s resolution, saying that priority is given to performance.

Lastly, McCoy reiterated that game modes with higher player counts would likely not be included in any future updates, though he didn’t give a downright “no”.

Keep your sights on MP1st for more Titanfall details!

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