Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remasters Up to Activision, Even If Tony Hawk Wants ‘Em

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Remember the Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise? Yeah, the one that introduced skateboarding to gamers and was a hit initially? If you ever wanted a Tony Hawk Pro Skater remaster or something, just know that the man himself, Tony Hawk, wants it too, but it’s all up to Activision.

Over on Twitter, Tony Hawk posted a tweet that explained why we aren’t seeing anything like that from him, and it’s due simply to Activision owning the rights.

It’s as simple as that: Activision owns the licenses, and thus it falls upon them whether we see a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater game or not. That said, the last Pro Skater game was Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 released in 2015. If you don’t remember it, I don’t blame you — it was universally panned.

Should Activision release a Tony Hawk Pro Skater remaster compilation or should the publisher give the rights back to Tony Hawk and the skating legend can do it on his own?


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