Train Sim World 2 Update 1.79 Out for Harlem Line Changes & More This April 11

train sim world update 1.79

Dovetail Games has released the Train Sim World 2 update 1.79 patch today, and this one is for changes to the Harlem Line and more! Check out the full Train Sim World 2 April 11 update patch notes below.

Train Sim World 2 Update 1.79 Patch Notes | Train Sim World 2 April 11 Update Patch Notes:

Today we are bringing updates to Harlem Line, S-Bahn Zentralschweiz and continued improvements to Tees Valley Line.

S-Bahn Zentralschweiz

  • Added “LZN” to livery editor name of RABe 523.
  • Re-enabled livery editor functionality for the RABe 523.
  • Updated VR5 type signals to display aspect AND indication rule and updated signal B12 to show a HP5 aspect.
  • Updated French Voice Over and subtitles for training modules so they are aligned.
  • Lowered the scoring threshold for the route so that you can now achieve gold medals.
  • Added various improvements to localisation.

Tees Valley Line

  • Restored medal awards for the Class 37 and Class31 that vanished after the previous update.
  • Reinstated 3 car formations for the Class 101 in the timetable following community feedback.
  • Added 3 car Class 101 formation to the Livery Designer.
  • Expanded the list of trains available to be selected in the Scenario Planner without the need to engage Off the Rails mode.
  • Fixed inconsistent ability to climb up on platforms at the following stations:
    • Allens West
    • Cargo Fleet
    • Dinsdale
    • Eaglescliffe
    • Grangetown
    • Middlesbrough
  • Further updated track rendering following community feedback.
  • Reinstated missing signal heads inside Darlington station.
  • Added various improvements to localisation.

Harlem Line

  • Updated instances where players experienced issues with red lights.
  • Fixed reported issues with service 363 while driving the M3a.
  • Updated the HUD to show the correct maximum permitted speed, the blue dot on the speedo should no longer disappear when neither ATC or ACSES systems are active.
  • Updated the gangway door on the M3a so that you can interact with it from inside and outside of the train.
  • Updated AI trains to correctly support station PIS displays and enabled display of final destination on internal PIS screens.
  • Updated the console buzzer so that it’s now bound to the bell key
  • Updated the brake system on the M7a to cater for more combinations of orientation in a single train.
  • Removed reported instances of floating scenery.
  • Improved the scoring thresholds of the M3A training module.
  • Improved the bridge clearance on the CSX Oak Point Link track.
  • Updated Williams Bridge so that you can no longer see through the staircase on both sides.
  • Updated the scenery at Tuckahow so that the road is no longer floating.
  • Updated the NPC’s spawning at the Botanical Gardens.
  • Updated the wooden platform by Yankees East Station which was missing textures.
  • Added various improvements to localisation.

That’s it for the latest patch for Train Sim World. Stay tuned here at MP1st for more!

Source: Dovetail Games forums

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