Treyarch Is Teasing Something With New Viral Campaign Aimed at Influencers (Update)

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Yep, it’s for Black Ops 4’s new Zombies mode which will be part of Operation Apocalypse Z next week.

Original Story:

While this year’s Call of Duty — Call of Duty: Modern Warfare — is set to be released in October, it seems Treyarch isn’t done promoting Black Ops 4. Today, Treyarch has sent out Twitter DMs (Direct Messages) to Call of Duty influencers with vague images.

Reddit user HarryRobb has compiled some of the images floating about and posted a roughly finished one with a few missing pieces.

Based on the image, I think we can pretty much surmise that this has something to do with Black Ops 4’s Zombies mode. Now, if you’re not a fan of that mode, then this shouldn’t mean anything to you. Once we know more info, or have the complete image, we’ll update the post.