Tribes of Midgard Update 1.02 Out for a Host of Changes – July 29

Tribes of Midgard update 1.02

Norsefll Games has released the Tribes of Midgard update 1.02 (PS5 shows it as version 1.002) patch this July 29, and this includes a long list of bug fixes, gameplay changes, and even quality of life tweaks!

Tribes of Midgard Update 1.02 Patch Notes | Tribes of Midgard Update 1.002 Patch Notes:



  • • The Reward for achieving Season Level 49 in Season 1 has been correctly updated to the Wolf Saga portrait. A sneaky Goblin Chief tried to claim the slot for himself! He has since been sacked.

Gameplay Changes

  • • Alvis Hammer II
    • ▪ Healing Spell increased to 400 from 300
  • • Soul Powered Rune
    • ▪ Damage bonus reduced to 5 from 10 per stack of 100 Souls
    • ▪ Souls Cap correctly set to 10,000
  • • Banner Time Rune
    • ▪ Ticks every 3 seconds, up from 1
    • ▪ Healing increased to 150 from 50

Quality of Life

  • • Players can now dismantle Enchanted Tripwire traps if they are blocking their path
  • • PC players can now press the [B] Key as a shortcut for the Blessings menu
  • • Changed Rebuild input for Farm, Quarry, Lumberyard and Bridge from [F] on Keyboard (Square Button on Controller) to [G] on Keyboard (L1 Button on Controller) to avoid interaction conflicts

Bug Fixes

  • • Fixed some issues in World Generation that were causing Giants to get stuck on their path of destruction
  • • Fixed an issue during the Tutorial where Geirröðr’s snowball would clip into the ground
  • • Fixed an issue preventing the Unsunken Boss from holding his axe properly during movement animation
  • • Fixed issues with the impact animations for some Helthings that were not playing the appropriate animation
  • • Fixed an issue where the Witch’s spells could stick for too long
  • • Fixed an issue where the Witch could damage out of combat players from far away with her Spells
  • • Fixed an issue where enemy Spells would fire in a direction they weren’t facing
  • • Fixed numerous AI issues that caused certain enemies to idle after chasing for a time
  • • Fixed an issue where Trölls could sometimes not exit their Camps
  • • Fixed an issue that allowed players to keep racking up hits against Fenrir during his death animation, especially when paired with the Soul Mate Rune (poor Fenrir)
  • • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to craft using a Controller when returning to a Solo save file
  • • Fixed an issue where players were able to block their own Banner Time Rune’s healing when facing a certain direction
  • • Fixed an issue that allowed you to block damage while performing other actions if you used the Shield button
  • • Fixed an issue that sometimes made it difficult to revive downed Villagers if they were downed from a Jötunn
  • • Fixed an issue that could cause a player to enter Downed State instead of Drowning if they died from fall damage when hitting the water
  • • Fixed an issue where the Healing Brew was not healing for the correct amount of time
  • • Fixed multiple issues of Cosmetics clipping into each other
  • • Fixed an issue where the Hunter’s Recall Totem would linger on the Map even if not active
  • • Fixed an issue where Hunter’s Trap Stacker wasn’t allowing the player to stack Traps properly when buying them from a merchant
  • • Fixed an issue where Warden’s Rune Carver ability wouldn’t always allow for 6 Runes to be equipped
  • • Fixed an issue where players could retain the benefits of the Nothing to Hide Rune by unequipping then re-equipping their armor
  • • Fixed an issue where the Like a Dwarf Rune was not granted the appropriate Armor bonuses
  • • Fixed an issue where Warriors could be invincible while in Downed State if they died due to fall damage with the Reckless Roll Blessing
  • • Fixed an issue where sometimes Járnsaxa would be instantly defeated during the transition to her second form
  • • Fixed an issue where players could block incoming heals.
  • • Fixed an issue where Feral Armor was protecting against Heat instead of Cold
  • • Fixed an issue where archers in Archer Towers would speak like Dökkalfar and spam their voice over lines (they were just being too passionate about Village defense).
  • • Fixed an issue affecting the progress icons for the ‘Life on the Farm’ Quest
  • • Fixed an issue that would cause Quest progression to break or not update correctly if you Save/Quit at certain points in the Quest chain
  • • Fixed an issue that allowed players to roll into the trap doors to proceed to the next level of a Hideout
  • • Fixed an issue where Treasures in Camps could sometimes be accessed from beneath
  • • Fixed an issue where rapidly transitioning back and forth from Fenrir’s Lair caused the screen to become permanently black
  • • Fixed an issue where a character could get stuck in a Land of Pools Small Camp when jumping off a ramp
  • • Fixed an issue where on rare occasions Fenrir would fail to appear and attack the player in his Lair
  • • Fixed an issue where Fenrir would land on the broken stones as he enters the fight
  • • Fixed an issue with missing sound effects when interacting with the Eir Effigies
  • • Fixed an issue that allowed players to Fast Travel to Activated Shrines even when not near another Shrine
  • • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause players to spawn under Fenrir’s Lair if they teleported back to it
  • • Fixed an issue where cancelling Recall Totem wouldn’t always work if too far away from it
  • • Fixed an issue where Constructions could be placed in areas of the Village that were not intended
  • • Fixed an issue where Jars could block Underpass and Hideout exits
  • • Fixed an issue where the final Treasure of a Hideout could be interacted with before clearing the area
  • • Fixed an instance where players could be booted to the main menu after triggering a number of Jars then leaving an Underpass or Hideout
  • • Fixed issues with collision trap in enemy Camps, Underpasses and bushes
  • • Fixed some interaction issues when playing with HUD turned off
  • • Fixed issues where the voice chat icon was inconsistently being displayed when a player was speaking
  • • Fixed an issue affecting saved Worlds for Survival Games with over 100 Days played in which progress may be reset
  • • Fixed an issue where the +1 Golden Horn UI wouldn’t always appear in HUD when picking one up
  • • Fixed an issue allowing a player to avoid being kicked for inactivity if they had a menu open
  • • Fixed an issue on PC that didn’t allow players to mouse over Class information properly
  • • Fixed an issue that prompted an unnecessary message when accessing the Quest Board after all Quests were taken or completed
  • • Fixed an issue that caused replacing current Quests to remove the unfinished Quest from the board for the whole session
  • • Fixed a number of Controller navigation issues for the Journal menus
  • • Fixed an issue where sometimes players were unable to start a new World after having made a lot of progress in Survival mode
  • • Fixed an issue where the user had trouble starting a new World if they left a game shortly after finding a Golden Horn
  • • Fixed issues in which trying to create a Group would sometimes result in an unexpected error
  • • Fixed an issue that could cause framerate issues when waking your Console from Rest mode.
  • • Fixed an issue that caused UI to linger for players in the party if the Host force-quits the game while searching for a session
  • • Fixed an issue where a whole Group could be disbanded if a player quits the game with ALT+F4
  • • Fixed a crash that could occur of a profile’s privileges did not allow online activity and they tried to join another player’s session after bypassing the notifications
  • • Fixed an issue where the Steam username would not always update in-game
  • • Fixed an issue with the V-Sync option not working as intended
  • • Fixed a number of navigation issues with the SHiFT overlay, especially with Controllers
  • • Fixed an issue where the player list for an active session would sometimes not update at all when a player leaves the session
  • • Fixed issues of jittery text when mousing over some Recipes
  • • Fixed a number of alignment issues when adjusting resolution in Windowed mode
  • • Fixed an issue where the Potion Stacker Perk would not update correctly in the Equipment menu

Source: Tribes of Midgard


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