Turtle Beach Sells Over 30 Million Gaming Headsets

turtle beach sales

If you’re a Turtle Beach headset user, this might interest you: in a press release, Turtle Beach has announced that it has now crossed over 30 million gaming headsets in terms of units sold!

This applies to sales in the US only, and is based on NPD’s latest sales data. Of course, it can’t be a huge Turtle Beach sales milestone without a statement from the company’s CEO, Juergen Stark.

Crossing this 30 million milestone is a great achievement that validates our commitment to leading in innovation and delivering the largest assortment of high-quality gaming headsets, and it shows the power of the Turtle Beachbrand,. 

With over 12 million more headsets sold life-to-date compared to the next competitor in the space4, gamers are clearly coming back to Turtle Beach for more, and that’s very reassuring given where we’re looking to take the company in the future. – Juergen Stark, CEO, Turtle Beach

This is the second time in two weeks Turtle Beach has made waves. Just two weeks ago, we reported that the headset maker has acquired peripheral maker ROCCAT.

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