Twisted Metal Matchmaking Fix Coming, PS3 Hardware Issues Being Looked Into

Twisted Metal has finally been released, but the online multiplayer is off to a rough start.

For many (including myself) who have been trying to join a game over the past few hours have been encountering various network errors. When trying to join a game, an error would show up stating there is a network error while joining the game. Some users are reporting that even after they have joined a game, they would be kicked out due to another error stating that they have poor connection.

The team over at Eat, Sleep, Play have been hearing everyone, and David has come out with an official statement via Twitter. “Matchmaking update: matchmaking going offline for 10-20 min, so Sony can install code that when servers return will make matchmaking much more stable.”

Another issue that users are experiencing is that their systems are freezing and even overheating. This has become more common with the 60GB models of the Playstation 3 as David Jaffe had said it was an issue with the Demo. He has alerted SDQA about this issue and is sorry if it’s happening. He also stated “if it’s on the software end- can’t solve tonight”

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