Twisted Metal Status Update; Server Maintenance, Stats, And Other Updates

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David Jaffe gives an update on Twisted Metal Matchmaking, PS3 crashes, and other issues with the online multiplayer.

Many of you have been experiencing issues with the lobbies. David Jaffe suggest that you try the quickmatch option found in the main menu of the game as it supposably only has a 10% fail rate.

  • The server issue isn’t on Eat, Sleep,Play side, but on Sony side. Matchmaking is still being worked on around the clock according to Jaffe. The network error may not be a network error at all and in fact may be a text error and suppose to display game is full. Expect the servers to go down 15-20 minutes sometime in the morning so that Sony can add the new code to the servers.
  • Reports of PS3 crashing have been coming in and although the team can’t replicate the problem they are keeping it on their radar, but for now their top priority is the server fix.
  • Concerning the issue with stats updating. The stats are working properly, however they are not being updated right away. The stats don’t immediately transfer to the servers and may take some time as this is how the game is set to do. They will look into whether people are loosing their ranks, but they should have it as time passes. This issue is still being looked into.
  • Party system breaking apart being looked into. Expect an update to fix the friends invite issue, but not until the network error is fixed. This is because the team wants to know how many players are playing so that they can fix the balancing issues.
  • Once the servers have been fixed the team will redirect their attention to all other issues along with the current complaints about weapon, vehicles,and game mode balancing.

You can catch Jaffe latest vidoe here