Ubisoft Plays Huge Role in Economic Growth of Canada

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Ubisoft and other video game developers are very popular. Assassin Creed and Tom Clancy could be the only two video games worth millions developed from Ubisoft. Many creative and trendy video game companies are based in Canada. Little you know that Ubisoft and other gaming companies have played a massive role in the significant economic growth of Canada.

An official study of Entertainment software development association

According to the latest reviews, Canada could get up to 20 Billion alone in 2018. 4.5 Billion Comes from video game developers, while up to 16 billion goes into online gaming websites such as casinos, etc.

Canada is a perfect place for both video and online gaming companies. The country is known as the most prominent preacher of technological development. Along with advancements, Canada was one of the first to adopt Bitcoin payments. Country officials gave a right to receive payments via Crypto, and it was their right to choose that path or not. That’s why we have seen growth Bitcoin casino online in the gaming industry.

Ubisoft and other Canada based video developer’s contributions rise every year.

Do you know that along with Ubisoft, we can see many other popular video game developers in Canada? BioWare, Radical Entertainment (RE), and Big Blue Bubble have been known as powerful influencers on the market too. Overall, country-based video game developers have contributed 3.7 Billion to Canada’s economy. In just one year, the budget of the country saw another historical contribution from game developers. In 2018, Ubisoft and other developers had contributed to the budget up to 4.5 billion. It’s more than 15% growth, and the association of developers is happy to engage more.

Gaming became popular in Canada

After giving free space to video games and gaming operators (racetracks, lotteries, and casinos), it became popular in Canada. Up to 80% of the population is identified as a gamer. Exponential growth gave a lead to all types of games.

39 is the average age of gamers. We can see players aged between 25 and 35 are active in online gaming. Don’t forget the difference between female and male gamers. Canada is the only country that has 50% male and 50% female gamers.

Official statistics show that another record milestone will be achieved in the next decade. In the 3rd decade of the 21st century, Canada’s government believes that video games and gambling operators’ contribution to the economy will grow by 100%. It’s thought that every new technological advancement will be adopted by the authorities to help economic growth.