Unofficial Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Crashing Xbox One Fix Works, and Here’s What to Do

black ops 4 blackout crashing

If you’re a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Xbox One player, and you were hoping to binge this coming holidays, you might not be able to do that, as the game seems to have a crash problem currently on the platform. To be more specific, there’s a Black Ops 4 Blackout crashing Xbox One issue, and it’s gaining a lot of movement on the official Black Ops 4 subreddit.

User MouthForWar86 posted a detailed description of what Black Ops 4 Xbox One players have been experiencing the past few days.

But this problem has literally made the game unplayable for countless users. There are threads upon threads about it, some with hundreds of upvotes and comments.

One X users, regardless of drive type, resolution, in game events, or anything else, are consistently having their game freeze and crash in late-stage Blackout gameplay (top 5-15 or so). There are some outliers regarding timing, and apparently the issue is also infrequently affecting PC and Xbox One as well, but it has primarily been a One X issue.

While you’re patting yourself on the back and posting threads detailing fixes for camo and all sorts of piddly crap, a HUGE and growing percentage of us can’t even play the game. But what’s worse is that we’ve gotten zero indication that you’re even aware of the issue.

What exacerbates the issue for most is how silent Treyarch has been, with nary a “we’re aware of the issue and working on a fix” statement from the developers.

Thankfully, though, Reddit user primosauce seems to have found an unofficial Black Ops 4 Blackout crashing Xbox One fix! Check out the steps below, which is super easy to do.

Here’s a work around. Exit call of duty every hour or so from the xbox menu, restart the game and you should be good. It’s a memory leak of some sort, seems to load up over time and ultimately shit the bed after about 1.5 hours or 6 to 7 games. Some people crash a little more often but my group of three xbox one x owners were all about 1.5 hours in.

Some users have reported that this method works, though we can’t 100 percent say it will, since, well, it is an unofficial fix and all that.

Hopefully, Treyarch responds and more importantly, rolls out a hotfix or something so that the Xbox One Black Ops 4 community can partake in the annual “Christmas nooobs” party.

Are you an Xbox One Black Ops 4 player? Have you experienced any sort of crash and have you found a fix? If so, don’t hesitate to email us ( and if we report on it, we’ll be sure to credit you.

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