Valve Demonstrates the Steam Controller and It’s Pretty Cool

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Late last month, Valve revealed the Steam Controller, a brand new device to work in tandem with the newly announced SteamOS and Steam Machine in an effort to move the Steam experience from the computer room and into the living room.

The controller features two clickable trackpads that employ the use of super-precise haptic feedback and dual linear resonant actuators. The center of the controller is touch-screen enabled and also clickable, making it an ideal input device for more complicated PC titles.

Thus far, we’ve only heard about the controller and seen a few images here and there. So to give you a better look at the odd, yet interesting, piece of hardware, Valve has put together a video demonstrating prototype controller in action in a number of titles, including Portal 2, Civilization V and other games. The segment showcasing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is rather impressive, as it demonstrates just how precise the Steam Controller really is, even with out auto-aim.

This is the same controller that will ship with the 300 Steam Machine units being sent to beta testers in the near future.

So, let us know what you think so far! Looks pretty cool, right? Stay tuned for more incoming demonstrations.