War Thunder Dev – Cannot Be On Xbox One Because of Cross-Platform Play

While Gaijin Entertainment is trying all they can to get the popular free-to-play air combat title, War Thunder, on the Xbox One, it seems that, for the time being, Microsoft will not allow it due to cross-platform play with PC.

Speaking with Gamespot, Gaijin Entertainment CEO Anton Yudintsev stated, “Microsoft is not allowing cross-play completely; which means [War Thunder] cannot be on Xbox One,”.

He goes on to explain that cross-platform play is essential due to the lack of install base on both the PS4 and Xbox One. The PS4 saw the release of War Thunder in Europe late last year, and although it doesn’t feature cross-play yet, this wasn’t anything to do with Sony’s policy, but rather and internal updating issue that Sony is working on resolving.

“Sony is much more open to indie developers and free-to-play games in general. So Sony has been in the free-to-play market for a few years already, they started on the PlayStation 3,” Yudintsev said. “Not only that, but Microsoft has a lot of unspoken limitations like if you want to make a free-to-play game you have to talk to an account manager and there are no set of rules; you need to communicate them; and the rule depends on the [individual account manager]. If he likes your game you get approval, if he doesn’t you don’t get approval.”

Until changes happen at Microsoft, which the team is very confident will happen, Warthunder will not be on the Xbox One.

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