Report: Warcraft 3 Players Being Invited to an “Offline Event,” Announcement Said to Come “Soon”

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Warcraft 4? Or maybe a Warcraft 3 remaster?

Warcraft players, something might be cooking at Blizzard Entertainment related to the franchise! According to Russian site GoodGame (via Wowhead), a bunch of Russian Warcraft 3 players are applying for US Visas for a “secret” Blizzard event!

Russian pro players Happy and HawK were reportedly in Serbia for the last couple of days trying to get a US Visa. Ukranian Warcraft 3 player Foggy was also said to be seen at the US Consulate in Kiev recently according to German forum Readmore, which adds credence to the recent happenings.

Here’s what Foggy has said to GoodGame regarding the upcoming event said to happen later this month:

The following information came from General Headquarters of “Emperor” Happy:

A little about the “surprise”.

While I can not disclose the details, I was allowed to hint. At the end of this month, there will be a certain offline event – what will be there is still a secret. Because this event will take place in the US – I will need to make a visa.


I can not reveal the big details yet. But I was told announcement soon.

– Happy

Is this for Warcraft 4? Maybe a Warcraft 3 remaster? A new spinoff? Given that pro players are going to lengths of obtaining a US Visa, then this could be big. Don’t forget though, no official word from Blizzard has made its way online, so take this with a grain of salt for now.

What would you want to see from Blizzard in terms of the Warcraft franchise?

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