Warcraft Arclight Rumble Officially Unveiled, Free-to-Play Action Strategy on Mobile’, Pre-Register Now Open

Warcraft Arclight Rumble

Blizzard has finally unveiled their Warcraft mobile game, and it is called Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a free-to-play action strategy game that’s part tower defense, part character collector. The 10 minute reveal has some gameplay in store, and it also shows off some of the features you can expect from the upcoming game. Check it out below.

Here’s some more information  on Warcraft Arclight Rumble straight from its pre-registration site:

Warcraft® Arclight Rumble™ is a mobile action strategy game set within the Warcraft universe where collectible Minis come to life to battle in frantic melee skirmishes. Play in multiple modes, including the single player campaign, going head-to-head in epic PvP battles, playing co-op, and more. Experience the true meaning of joyful chaos!


  • Action Strategy Gameplay – Warcraft Arclight Rumble brings you frantic mobile action strategy combined with meaningful progression and customization.
  • PvE and PvP -Play through epically challenging campaign maps, dungeons, and raids. Battle with your friends in co-op or against them in PvP and revel in the mayhem.
  • Assemble your Team – Collect over 65 Warcraft Minis and build multiple armies—good strategy is the key to victory!

If you want to see a cinematic trailer that provides some more insight into the many Warcraft Minis, check it out below:

Warcraft Arclight Rumble will feature pocket-sized versions of all your favorite Warcraft characters that belong to the five distinct factions, including:

  • Alliance – Alliance Leaders support defense, healing, and stealth tactics, as well as heavy use of Spells. Tirion Fordring, Maiev Shadowsong, and Jaina Proudmoore devote their skills to the Alliance.
  • Horde – Horde Leaders like Grommash Hellscream, Sneed, and Cairne Bloodhoof encourage building momentum through earning additional gold, fast attacking Troops, and enemy control with area of effect stuns.
  • Beast – Beast Leaders like Charlga Razorflank can disable enemy defenses, helping your numerous bestial allies stampede and overwhelm them quickly. Others like Hogger are right at home with a flurry of fast troops swarming your enemies.
  • Blackrock – Blackrock Leaders, including Rend Blackhand and General Drakkisath, reward you for playing heavy-hitting flying Troops and searing elemental magic users to burn opponents to a crisp.
  • Undead – Undead Leaders use powerful necromancy on the battlefield. As Bloodmage Thalnos uses Spells, he grows stronger with every cast. Baron Rivendare can summon endless armies of the dead to haunt the battlefield.

You can now pre-register for the open beta coming soon via the official Warcraft Arclight Rumble site. Stay tuned here at MP1st for further updates on this new Warcraft mobile experience from Blizzard!

Source: Blizzard

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