Warface Breakout Update 1.17 July 24 Brings New Challenge Cards & More

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Crytek has released the Warface Breakout update 1.17 July 24 patch and it brings new Challenge Cards and more. There are also fixes to challenges, audio and more.

Warface Breakout Update 1.17 July 24 patch notes:

  • Added the following challenge cards:
Challenge cardObjectiveRarity
Just A ScratchDeal a total of 1000 damage.Common
BloodthirstyKill 100 enemies with a knife.Rare
Get Over HereKill 250 enemies with a knife.Epic
It’s Dangerous To Go AlonePerform 500 assists.Rare
Unified MindsPerform 1000 assists.Epic
RolloutKill 50 enemies with grenades.Uncommon
Messy BusinessKill 250 enemies with grenades.Rare
Chain ReactionKill 500 enemies with grenades.Epic
No BrainerKill 1000 enemies with headshots.Legendary
The ProfessionalKill 250 enemies.Rare
Far SighterKill 100 enemies with headshots.Uncommon

Any progress already made towards completing the challenge objective will be counted retroactively.

  • Fixed the incorrect display of rank names (the highest ranks were displayed as the lowest and vice versa);
  • Added stick layout for left handers;
  • Added a warning message for killing a teammate in Ranked;
  • Added advanced profile statistics;
  • You can now see the progression reward for the next level.


  • Login screen music track will now continue playing in main menu after you leave the login screen. This track will also be added to random shuffle of other main menu tracks;
  • Announcer now works properly when the whole team was killed by one player;
  • Announcer phrases no longer overlap at the end of the round;
  • Knife sound can now be heard not only by the attacker, but also by the player attacked with a knife


  • Bomb planting, dropping and defusal progress bar is now always displayed properly;
  • Information about reconnection possibility is now included into the description of Ranked/Casual modes.

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