Watch 8 Minutes of New UFL Gameplay, Complete With Slide Tackles & Rainbow Flicks

ufl gameplay

Strikerz Inc. has released a new UFL gameplay video from its alpha stage, showcasing the soccer sim’s visuals and gameplay experience through the second half of a 1-0 match. While still in need of polishing and adjustments, the title shows significant promise and even features flair and skill moves, such as the famous rainbow flick.

Watch the eight-minute-long gameplay video below:

As a newcomer in the soccer sim industry, UFL (built in Unreal Engine 4) aims to compete with EA Sports’ FIFA and Konami’s eFootball titles. The gameplay footage above is taken from the January 2023 alpha build of the game, and shows off the second half of a 1-0 match.

Soccer sim fans will immediately notice that UFL’s overall game pace is slower than FIFA, but shot speed appears to be comparably faster. These choices lend themselves to a smoother, arguably more tactical game outside the box, but relatively quicker finishes inside the box and consequently more impactful counter attacks. Passes, air balls, and crosses all appear to be more linear and driven than one would expect in FIFA. The game incorporates fan-favorite tricks and skill moves, such as the rainbow flick which is performed a few times throughout the course of the video.

While not yet the experience offered in other, more famous games in the genre, UFL holds value as a respectable soccer sim in and of itself. The developers also acknowledge (and display amusing examples of) the glitches present in the game in its current stage of development, and promise that the title will significantly improve in the coming months, especially once the new animation system has been fully implemented.

UFL will shoot out on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One sometime later in 2023.

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