• Stadia: The Achievement “Packrat” sometimes stops progressing.
  • When using Aiden’s drone, the “Detect” notification only appears when the detection tracker is at 100%.
  • Aiden’s drone might sometimes get stuck if bumping into walls when in the air.
  • The Safe House icon can disappear at certain points in the Bloodline story campaign.
  • Devon v Devin: London Culling: When playing through the mission the timer can sometimes get stuck. This does not affect the mission progression.
  • PlayStation 4/5: Bloodline DLC still appears as available for purchase for secondary users on shared consoles, even if they have installed the DLC from the main user.
  • Text overlap sometimes occur when profiling characters with longer descriptions.
  • Acquisition Target: The wrong minimap layout will sometimes appear if reloading a save inside the Broca Tech Deep Labs.
    Workaround: Dying and restarting will reset the minimap.
  • Red King:
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  • Spanner in the Works:
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  • Dark Pattern: Players cannot progress in the mission if they also have the side-mission Human Cargo active when entering Rempart Headquarters.
    Workaround: Restart the game.
  • Dark Pattern: Jackson sometimes stops following Aiden during a specific mission objective. A hotfix to resolve this will be released in the coming days.
  • Bury Your Dead: Jackson wears a facemask for the duration of the mission.
    Workaround: Save the game, quit to the main menu, and load the save.
  • Laddie: After completing the mission, the wrap up speech can sometimes appear robotic.
  • Laddie: Mission objective can sometime appear in code, rather than descriptive text.
  • Things Fall Apart: If Wrench uses Captain Boom Boom, it sometimes does not have an effect on the enemy.
  • Aiden’s hands sometimes clips through his coat when opening the weapon wheel or Photomode.
  • Wrench’s Ninja Balls sometimes explode too early and have no effect on an enemy if thrown from a distance.
  • Wrench using Captain Boom Boom sometimes triggers a cooldown for other abilities.
  • Wrench’s Lady Smash ability will become permanently grayed out, but can still be used, if hitting the ability while the sledgehammer animation is in progress. It will return to normal after switching to another ability and back.
  • Online: If Aiden and Wrench are equipped with weapons from other operatives, they will be removed from their loadout when players return to the main menu.