“Way of the Hunter” Lets You Live the Life of a Seasoned Hunter, First Trailer Out

way of the hunter

THQ Nordic has officially announced Way of the Hunter, an upcoming new game that lets you live through the lens of a highly experienced, ethical huntsman. The official announcement also comes with a first trailer which you can check out below.

Here are some details for Way of the Hunter:

Players will take on the role of a seasoned hunter who has just taken over his grandfather’s hunting cabin and the opportunity to proceed with the family tradition of selling high-quality game meat. A variety of biomes provide the player with a vast area of beautiful nature to explore. The hunter is challenged with observing animal tracks while carefully stalking and avoiding detection from the razor-sharp senses of his prey.

Way of the Hunter’s large selection of authentic hunting equipment and weapons, including licensed guns and scopes, are amplified by realistic handling of firearms and bullet physics. The game features two, vast, open-world hunting territories – one in the U.S. and one in Europe – each 55 square miles (144 km²) in size and boasting its own simulated wildlife ecosystem. Co-op multiplayer mode allows players to venture out into awe-inspiring nature and share the thrill of the chase during their greatest hunting adventures.

Way of the Hunter is currently in development for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. Stay tuned here at MP1st for more updates on this upcoming title once it’s out!

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Michael Buchko Jr
1 year ago

After playing theHunter: Call of the Wild for almost two years, this games makes me very excited. To have a PS5 game that looks just as, if not more, beautiful with adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and possibly even SFX coming through the DualSense speaker, I am hoping this game is done right. I wouldn’t mind if it’s a Call of the Wild clone just with the next-gen features; but I’m hoping it’s different enough to give a fresh experience without making it so that I never go back to theHunter.

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