Wizard of Legend 2 Announced; 3D with Full Multiplayer Support

Announced during the Humble Bundle Showcase, Dead Mage Games, in collaboration with Contingent99, have announced a follow-up sequel to the Wizard of Legend, the Wizard of Legend 2.

As detailed by Dead Mage’s lead designer Javid Najibzadeh, and studio’s production director Kasra Tehrani, Wizards of Legends 2 is a follow-up to the highly acclaimed 2018 release, Wizards of Legends, that is in continued collaboration with the original developers, Contingent99. The sequel is described as an entirely new exciting experience, authentic to everything that fans loved about the first game, though this time in 3D with full multiplayer support implemented.

Wizard of Legend 2 Announcement Trailer

Wizard of Legend 2 Screenshots

No release date has been given for the title, and at the time of writing, we only know it’s only coming to PC platforms (Steam).

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