World of Tanks Australia Server Incoming, “Full-Time Server” Planned for 2018

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Wargaming has announced that it will launch World of Tanks Australia and New Zealand servers this November 1! While the servers will only be available between 6 p.m. to 12 p.m. Australia time (AEDT), Wargaming is looking to deploy a full-time local server for Australia and New Zealaned sometime in 2018.

Here’s what Wargaming Australia and New Zealand chief Travis Plane has to say:

A local server is the number one request from our community and we are finally rolling them out on November 1, from 6pm – 12am AEDT. It’s a long time coming but we hope that our players and the community can see that we’re truly committed to investing in Australia and New Zealand.

As our player numbers grow and the matchmaking continues to improve, we plan to widen these hours and are aiming for a full-time local server in 2018.

World of Tanks Australian and New Zealand players should expect faster pings, and better connections overall once the local servers are launched. 

For those not familiar with the game, World of Tanks is a free-to-play game that has players battling each other using tanks in 15v15 matches. Console players were treated with a new (and free!) campaign that can be played by single or two players called “War Stories.”

Source: IGN