World of Tanks Future Updates to “1.0” Promised to Be a “Game-Changer,” Check Out the Trailer

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If you play World of Tanks, then 2018 will be a big year for you. Wargaming has announced that the free-to-play game’s big World of Tanks 1.0 update will be dropping on March 2018.

The game update will give World of Tanks a complete visual makeover, powered by an in-house game engine. There will be over 25 game maps redesigned, with increased effects quality and fidelity, without affecting the game’s performance.

World of Tanks Development Director Milos Jerabek had this to say:

Update 1.0 is a true game change. Though the spirit of the game remains the same, the introduction of the new graphics engine leads to a far greater boost in image fidelity than a simple resolution increase. It’s a staggering difference from the game as you know it, and we can’t wait for players to get hands-on with it.

One of the biggest newsbeats at this year’s WG Fest is the announcement of Update 1.0. With its release, maps will become larger, and landscapes—more realistic. The update will feature completely reworked water, destructible objects, new effects, and many other interesting things. The game will have new sound. Now, each location will have its own soundtrack to promote the atmosphere of the map.

What improvements need to b e made in World of Tanks 1.0? Do you think it’ll be implemented in time by Wargaming?

Source: IGN