World War Z Next Update Hitting “In a Few Days” for Bug Fixes

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While we just got the big World War Z Horde Mode update a few days ago, it seems that patch not only brought a new zombie type, but a few bugs as well. Thankfully, Saber Interactive is on the case. The studio announced today that the World War Z next update will be out in the next “few days.”

We hope you are all enjoying Horde Mode Z, Survivors! We are currently working on a patch that will address some issues you have reported, such as the weapon xp bug and a Horde Mode Z freeze some of you have encountered. Our goal is to release it asap, in a few days.

Some of the bugs players have encountered so far are is the game freezing when reaching Wave 20 in Horde mode.

Another bug that’s also prevalent is about weapon XP where it it would get stuck on a certain progression level and won’t progress at all.

PLEASE HELP, weapons progression stuck from worldwarzthegame

No weapon XP from worldwarzthegame

Weapon stuck with 1 xp to go from worldwarzthegame

We’re hoping that the World War Z next patch will address these issues and then some. Once that patch is out, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

Have you encountered any bugs since the Horde Mode update was released? If so, let us know in the comments below which ones.