World War Z Gameplay Video Introduces “The Horde”

world war z dev diary

If you’re looking for more zombies to slay, then you might want to keep an eye out for Saber Interactive’s (NBA Playgrounds) video game adaptation of the hit 2013 zombie flick World War Z.

Saber Interactive calls the tech it uses as the “Swarm Engine,” and it helps bring hundreds of zombies on screen at once, which the player can mow down using an assortment of weapons! There’s also “adaptive spawn control,” and other features which you can watch in the World War Z gameplay video below.

You’ll face off against hundreds of zombies of different types on screen at a time, rushing as a pack to overwhelm your defenses. Dynamic swarm simulation, adaptive spawn control, diverse zombie mechanics, and an advanced gore system all combine for the ultimate zombie shooter experience. Play with friends or on your own with AI teammates to stay alive against these relentless swarms in all their bloody glory.

World War Z is set for release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, though no firm release date has been given yet.

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