World War Z Update 1.17 May 26 Changes Listed

world war z update 1.17 may 26

While we got the big World War Z Marseille update just a few weeks back, Saber Interactive has released the World War Z update 1.17 May 26 patch, which is aimed to fix some of the nagging technical and gameplay issues. In short: this is a stability patch more than anything, though one with gameplay-specific fixes.

World War Z Update 1.17 May 26 patch notes:

• Fixed critical memory leak that was causing a lot of crashes on Marseille maps. It is a temporary fix and more fixes are coming
• Fixed black render artifacts appearing on dark levels

• Fixed some gameplay bugs that were causing inability to progress in levels

General Fixes
• Fixed issue that made several unique weapon variants free for everyone
• Imposing Arsenal trophy no longer requires unique weapon variants to be purchased
• Restored unique Thumper GL variant price back to 500
• Fixed issue with Auto Turret placement that was launching players up in the air
• Improved performance in the last segment of Marseille maps 2 and 3

Yep, don’t expect any new content, but these fixes should be more than welcome. If you spot any technical or gameplay changes not listed in the notes, head on down below in the comments to let us know what it is.

Source: Focus Home forums

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