World War Z Update 1.32 Out for Changes and Fixes This Dec. 20

world war z update 1.32

Saber Interactive has released the World War Z update 1.32 patch this December 20, and this one is for some changes and fixes to the game across platforms. Head down below for the complete patch notes.

World War Z Update 1.32 Patch Notes:

At the time of writing, Saber Interactive has not yet released the full patch notes for this latest update. In the meantime, if you’ve been enjoying the game so far on the Nintendo Switch, check out the patch notes for the December 13 patch release for the platform below:

  • Added gyroscope motion controls support
  • Added graphics preferences tab in options:
    • Motion blur on/off
    • Bloom on/off
    • Anti-aliasing presets: off, FXAA, or TAA
  • General graphic fixes
  • General gameplay fixes
  • Fixed some bugs where the player or NPC can’t backtrack to the previous locations because of missing navlinks
  • Improved overall performance

We’ll update this post accordingly once the full patch notes for the newest World War Z update have been released.

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