Wreckfest Update 2.08 June 1 Patch Notes; Brings New Tournament & More

Wreckfest Update 2.17

Bugbear Entertainment has released the Wreckfest update 2.08 June 1 patch, and this brings a new tournament, a new reward car, “Extreme” damage mode and loads more. Check out the trailer and complete patch notes below.

Wreckfest Update 2.08 June 1 Patch Notes:


  • New tournament: Wrecking Madness
  • New free Wrecking Playground environment
  • New Speedbird GT tournament reward car
  • New Extreme damage mode
  • Improvements and fixes

Game version

PC: 1.277122
PS4: 2.08
PS5: 1.008


  • Added a new track: Wrecking Playground.
    Server admins note: the internal designation for the track is wrecker01_1.


  • Introducing new tournament: Wrecking Madness
  • New tournament reward car: Speedbird GT.


  • (XB1/XSX) Game no longer sporadically crashes during multiplayer.
  • (PS5) Improved Voice Chat reliability.
  • (PS5) Improved multisample anti-aliasing.
  • (PS5) Improved performance.


  • Improved dynamic objects syncing over network.


  • Added a new “Extreme” damage mode.
  • Improved Bandit and Bandit Ripper handling.
  • Improved dynamic dirt for a number of vehicles.


  • Speedbird engine audio no longer cuts off when the engine is over-revved.
  • Schoolbus, Motorhome, Supervan & Sofa Car loaners: Fixed triggering misconfiguration with gearshifter sounds.
  • (PS5) Fixed surface material misconfiguration that disabled some surface sounds and their haptic feedback.
  • (PS5) Decreased the effect of in-game physics to haptics intensity of track object and car-to-car collision rumbles.
  • (PS5) Added unique dynamic skid rumble for asphalt surfaces (take that Rocket RX for a spin!).
  • (PS5) Added unique rumble for barrel and fence collisions, player vehicle gearshift and backfires.
  • (PS5) Adjusted rumble style of low momentum collisions with track objects for a sharper/snappier feel.
  • (PS5) Lowered center frequency of low intensity car-to-car collision rumbles.

You can read more details about the new tournament here.

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