Wreckfest Update 2.12 Crashes Out for Carmageddon Crossover Tournament

Bugbear has released the Wreckfest update 2.12 August 3 patch, and this brings the Carmageddon crossover tournament! Racers can expect a new tournament, new Carmageddon tracks, and a new reward car in the Eagle-R! There’s also a few gameplay-related fixes included too! On PS5, this shows up as Wreckfest update 1.012, while it’ll appear on Xbox as update 2.01.2!

Wreckfest Update 2.12 Patch Notes | Wreckfest Carmaggedon Update Patch Notes:



  • New tournament: Carmageddon
  • New free Carmageddon tracks
  • New Eagle-R reward car


Game version

PC: 1.278680
PS5: 1.012.000
PS4: 2.12


  • Added two new environments from Carmageddon: Bleak City and Devil’s Canyon.
    Both new environments feature a race track and a free roam environment best suitable for deathmatches, and additionally Bleak City also has a reverse race layout as well as a dedicated demolition arena.Server admins note: the internal designation for the tracks are as follows:

    Bleak City Race Track: crm01_1
    Bleak City Race Track Reverse: crm01_5
    Bleak City Demolition Arena: crm01_3
    Bleak City Free Roam: crm01_2
    Devil's Canyon Race Track: crm02_1
    Devil's Canyon Free Roam: crm02_2


  • New tournament season: Carmageddon.
  • New tournament reward car: Eagle-R.


  • (XBSX) Improved framerate for more stable 60 fps.
  • (PC) Improved reliability of save data handling.
  • (PC) Game no longer crashes to fatal error whenever save data is corrupted.


  • (PS4) Creating a public lobby now works properly.
  • (PC) Steam networking asserts are no longer displayed in the server console.


  • (PC) Performance issues in multiplayer.
  • (PC) Dedicated server currently suffers from a severe memory leak, most likely causing the server to crash eventually.
  • (PC) Hosting in-game does not currently work (neither Internet or LAN), please use the dedicated server in the meantime.
  • (PC) In-game ping currently displays ~30 ms too much, meaning that your actual ping is ~30 ms less.
  • (PC) Server message is not being displayed.

Source: Bugbear

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