WWE 2K22 Update 1.14 Adds FaZe & Improvements This June 6

WWE 2K22 Update 1.14
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Visual Concepts has released the WWE 2K22 update 1.14 (PS5 version 1.014) patch an all platforms, and this adds FaZe Clan gear into the game (seriously),, as well as a host of gameplay-related improvements. Read on for the full WWE 2K22 June 6 patch notes.

WWE 2K22 Update 1.14 Patch Notes| WWE 2K22 Update 1.014 Patch Notes | WWE 2K22 June 6 Patch Notes:



  • Added 14 free Faze Clan-branded apparel items to Community Creations
  • lmprovements to load times for players with a large collection of downloaded custom content


  • Updated moveset information and categories for existing and new DLC Superstars
  • •Addressed reported concerns of crashes during table matches
  • •Addressed reported concerns with table interactions
  • Updated reversals to a few moves to address reported concerns with reversal windows being too small or not appearing
  • •Addressed reported concerns where the Superstar is unable to attack during a match
  • •Addressed reported concerns where the reversals were putting the defender in the wrong position after the reversal
  • •Addressed reported concerns regarding new DLC animations clipping or misaligned. .
  • Addressed reported concerns with run-ins/breakouts for new DLC characters
  • •Addressed reported concerns with managers during entrances
  • •Addressed reported concerns where the Al was not utilizing Pin Combos for some moves.


  • •Addressed reported concerns regarding Uploads in Community Creations.
  • •Addressed reported concerns regarding Downloads in Community Creations,
  • •Addressed reported concerns regarding searching by Creators in Community Creations.
  • •Addressed reported concerns regarding the lobby timer with Controlled Partners.


  • •Addressed reported concerns regarding attire for various Superstars
  • •Addressed reported concerns regarding support for added DLC characters olmproved stability throughout Create Modes


  • •Improved stability when using custom Superstar in Universe


  • •Improved stability in MyGM
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding crashes during load


  • Addressed a reported concern where the match objective wasn’t completed after a diving attack was successful

While there’s  a lot of gameplay improvements and bug fixes included, here are some of the issues confirmed to not have been fixed in this patch (via Reddit user cednym):

  • The Vader Bomb pin combo still looks glitchy
  • Sidewalk Slam 4 and Corner Running Splash 2 still can’t be assigned as regular moves
  • Boogeyman still can’t trigger Corner Running Splash 2 as a signature if Corner Running Splash 1 is also assigned to him
  • Vader’s middle rope Diving Body Block still triggers an axe handle most of the time

That’s about it. If there’s a new patch for hte game, we’ll let our readers know about it ASAP, so bookmark our WWE 2K22 game hub for the latest news.

Source: SmackTalks (Twitter)

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