“X Labs” Call of Duty Clients Featuring MW2, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare & Black Ops 3 Taken Down by Activision

x labs call of duty activision

It looks like Activision is further cracking down on third-party software relating to its Call of Duty titles. The publisher has recently issued a Cease and Desist letter on “X Labs,” the Call of Duty client suite that offered improvements to multiple Call of Duty titles, including MW2, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, and Black Ops 3.

The news broke out on Twitter via the official X Labs account, with the project now “shutting down all operations permanently.”

X Labs clients provided players with added features that didn’t exist in the base versions of the CoD games, including a list of dedicated servers, improved security, mod tools, anti-cheat, and more. A Discord server also existed to provide support for players using the clients. 

This Cease and Desist announcement follows a similar takedown by Activision on sm2, a Call of Duty client that offered various weapons, perks, and other neat features. It’s worth mentioning that while sm2 did not require players to actually purchase a copy of the base game that the client was based on, this was not the case with X Labs. Users of X Labs needed to own a copy of the supported CoD game in order to actually play it through the clients, raising questions as to what Activision considers grounds for a Cease and Desist order.

Seeing as two Call of Duty client projects have been shut down at around the same time, it’s not unlikely for Activision to take down Plutonium, another popular CoD client suite, in the near future.

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