XBL Down and Experiencing Sign-In Issues, Microsoft Investigating (Update)

xbox live down


Microsoft’s Xbox Support Twitter announced that everything should be back to normal.

Game on, people!

Original Story:

With Xbox Live going down just a few days ago, it seems XBL down time is happening again today. Over on the Xbox Support site, it states that games such as Forza 7 are “limited” when to functionality. It’sa the same with signing in to Xbox Live, too.

The official Xbox Support Twitter account has acknowledged the XBL sign-in issues with a tweet just recently.

Over on Reddit, people from the UK are also reporting sign-in issues, with error code “0x87DD0006” popping up for most people.

We’ll update the post once Xbox Live and sign-in issues have been resolved. In the meantime, if you’re having problems signing in or playing online, let us know in the comments below and also where you’re located.

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