Xbox “Bringing More Than Hype, Bringing Games” To E3, Says Phil Spencer

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While the newest head at the Xbox division of Microsoft, Phil Spencer, is hard at work refocusing the Xbox One into a gamer-centric console, he still tends to keep a social presence when necessary.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Phil said that they are looking “to make the show great” this year at E3, adding that Microsoft is “bringing more than hype, bringing games”.

Microsoft’s next-gen console seems to have come under considerable criticism for its focus on being the ‘all-in-one entertainment machine’, rather than focusing on what gamers want: games. So it’s great to see this potential shift in focus that will hopefully be highlighted in full at this year’s E3.

Games that we could be seeing at E3 include Quantum Break, Dying Light, Halo, The Division, and more. Are you happy that Microsoft is turning the direction around to focus on gamers?

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