Xbox Confirms E3 Show Floor Absence, Will Instead Host Xbox Games Showcase During E3 Digital on June 11

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It’s official—Xbox won’t be physically present during this year’s E3 event. After an initial report that the game industry’s Big Three in Sony, Xbox, and Nintendo were set to be no-shows at E3, Xbox has finally confirmed the company’s physical absence via a spokesperson.

The spokesperson, who made the statement to IGN, revealed that instead of being present at the show floor, Xbox would be co-streaming its Xbox Games Showcase, to be held during E3’s digital portion of the event on June 11, which was also recently announced. This means that while Xbox technically isn’t absent from E3 entirely, those physically attending in Las Vegas won’t be seeing the company preparing anything on the show floor.

This statement follows a confirmation by Nintendo that the Japanese firm wouldn’t be at E3 as the event “didn’t fit” the company’s plans. Major game development studio Ubisoft has confirmed attendance via an investors call, however.

Alongside Xbox’s Games Showcase, E3 Digital will include various shows relating to gaming. Even if you’re not attending E3 in person, there may be some online events worth taking a look at. E3 Digital will begin on June 11, the same day as the Xbox Games Showcase, so if you’re planning on giving that a watch as it goes live, then mark your calendars.

Source: IGN

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