Xbox Elite Controller 2 Will Be Compatible With Xbox Project Scarlett Confirmed

project scarlett controller

Just yesterday, Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox Elite controller 2, which not only now houses a rechargeable battery, but a lot of new features as well. Well, it seems one of its features is that it’ll be compatible with the next-gen Xbox (code-named Project Scarlett) as confirmed by Microsoft themselves!

At Geoff Keighley’s YouTube Live at E3 show, Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb, and Elliot Hsu, Senior Product Designer at Microsoft, sat down to talk about the Xbox Elite Controller 2’s features, and near the end of the chat, Keighley mentions that the new Xbox Elite Controller 2 will “Obviously work with PC, work — with I assume  — Project Scarlett and everything…”

Hsu chimes in and confirms this saying, “Yes, backward compatible, forward compatible.” Keighley then adds, “That’s what I mean. Make the investment now, and it’ll pay off in the future…”

You can watch the video here, and it’s around the 4:50 mark that you can hear the confirmation take place.

While Microsoft has not revealed what the Xbox Project Scarlett controller will look like, the Elite Controller 2 might shed a little light on what we’re about to see unveiled soon. Of course, Microsoft can make the Elite Controller 2 compatible with Project Scarlett and have the next-gen controller look and act significantly different as well. But hey, at least you can buy that $179 controller knowing full well it’ll work with Project Scarlett, right? That should make the price a lot easier to take.

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