Xbox One X Supersampling, Production & PUBG Xbox Beta Discussed by Aaron Greenberg

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg took to Twitter to answer some Xbox One X (and PUBG) related questions. It’s always good to see execs interacting on social media, especially when they’re offering new details!

First, we have Greenberg confirming that an Xbox One X demonstration will happen before launch.

Responding to a complaint regarding Xbox One X availability, Greenberg stated that Microsoft is “[making] as many as [they] can!”

An eager PUBG fan wondered when the beta would be coming to Xbox One. Greenberg says “[his team] is working on that now.”

Will the Xbox One X be future-proof, one Twitter user wondered:

I’m especially looking forward to the Xbox One X supersampling demo, as I imagine a lot of potential buyers will still be using 1080p displays. 

Are you excited to see more from Xbox One X?

Source: Twitter via GamingBolt

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