Xbox Store Sale This Week Now Live – Xbox Deals With Gold November 5-11, 2019

Xbox Store Sale This Week April 26

Those gaming on Xbox One (and Xbox 360), and looking for cheap games, the Xbox store sale this week is now live! Here are the Xbox Deals With Gold for November 5-11, 2019!

Xbox store sale this week (Xbox Deals With Gold Nov. 5):

Xbox One

Agatha Knife$5.99£4.79€5.99$5.99Spotlight
Alien for Mortal Kombat X$2.49£1.99€2.49AU $3.67$2.99Spotlight
Almost There: The Platformer$4.99£4.19€4.99AU $7.47$6.39Spotlight
American Ninja Warrior: Challenge$14.99$14.99Spotlight
Ancient Labyrinth for Lords of the Fallen$2.89£2.31€2.89AU $3.85$2.89Deal With Gold
Anoxemia$2.63£2.10€2.63AU $3.51$2.63Spotlight
Apocalypse Pack for Mortal Kombat X$1.99£1.59€1.99AU $2.97$2.49Spotlight
Batman: The Enemy Within – The Complete Season (Episodes 1-5)$7.49£5.99€7.49AU $11.37$7.49Spotlight
Batman: The Telltale Series – The Complete Season (Episodes 1-5)$7.49£5.99€7.49AU $11.37$7.49Spotlight
Beast Quest$4.49£3.74€4.49AU $6.74$5.84Deal With Gold
Bleed Complete Bundle$6.99£5.59€6.99$6.99Deal With Gold
Bo’ Rai Cho for Mortal Kombat X$2.49£1.99€2.49AU $3.67$2.99Spotlight
Brazil Pack for Mortal Kombat X$1.99£1.59€1.99AU $2.67$1.99Spotlight
City of Brass$5.99£4.79€5.99AU $8.08$5.99Spotlight
Damsel$13.59£10.39€10.39AU $13.16$15.99Spotlight
Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure$1.99£1.59€1.99AU $2.99$1.99Spotlight
Deployment$6.99£5.87€6.99AU $10.46$8.95Spotlight
Desert Child$8.39£6.71€8.39AU $11.16$8.39Spotlight
Die for Valhalla!$5.99£4.79€5.99AU $8.97$5.99Spotlight
Doughlings: Arcade$4.19£3.47€4.19AU $6.27$5.39Spotlight
Energy Cycle Edge$3.49£2.93€3.49AU $5.21$4.54Spotlight
Extinction$4.49£3.74€4.49AU $6.74$5.84Spotlight
Extinction: Days of Dolorum Season Pass$2.24£1.91€2.24AU $2.99$2.24Spotlight
Extinction: Deluxe Edition$5.99£5.02€5.99AU $8.99$7.79Spotlight
F1® 2019$32.99£30.24€38.49AU $57.72$49.49Spotlight
F1® 2019 Legends Edition Senna & Prost$38.49£35.74€43.99AU $65.97$56.64Deal With Gold
Flockers$4.99£3.99€4.99AU $6.69$4.99Deal With Gold
Forza Horizon 3 VIP for Forza Horizon 3$4.99£4.18€4.99AU $7.48$6.49Deal With Gold
Forza Horizon 4 VIP for Forza Horizon 4$7.99£6.39€7.99AU $11.98$9.99Deal With Gold
Forza Motorsport 7 Car Pass$7.49£6.24€7.49AU $11.23$9.74Deal With Gold
Glass Masquerade$5.99£4.79€5.99$5.99Spotlight
Gnomes Garden$1.99£1.59€1.99$1.99Spotlight
Gnomes Garden 2$1.99£1.59€1.99$1.99Spotlight
Goat Simulator$2.49£1.99€2.49AU $3.36$2.49Spotlight
Goat Simulator DLC Bundle$4.99£3.99€4.99$4.99Spotlight
Goat Simulator: The GOATY$7.49£5.99€7.49$7.49Spotlight
Goro for Mortal Kombat X$2.49£1.99€2.49AU $3.32$2.49Spotlight
Hero Express$3.49£3.14€3.49AU $5.21$4.40Spotlight
Horror Pack for Mortal Kombat X$1.99£1.59€1.99AU $2.67$1.99Spotlight
Hyper Void$5.99£4.79€5.99$5.99Spotlight
I Am Bread$5.19£4.15€5.19AU $6.90$5.19Deal With Gold
I, Zombie$1.99£1.59€1.99$1.99Spotlight
Infinity Runner$2.09£1.67€2.09AU $3.13$2.09Spotlight
Jack N’ Jill DX$3.34£2.67€3.34$3.34Spotlight
Jason Voorhees for Mortal Kombat X$2.49£1.99€2.49AU $3.32$2.49Spotlight
Kill The Bad Guy$2.79£2.23€2.79$2.79Deal With Gold
Klassic Pack 1 for Mortal Kombat X$1.99£1.59€1.99AU $2.67$1.99Spotlight
Klassic Pack 2 for Mortal Kombat X$1.99£1.59€1.99AU $2.67$1.99Spotlight
Kold War Pack for Mortal Kombat X$1.99£1.59€1.99AU $2.67$1.99Spotlight
Leatherface for Mortal Kombat X$2.49£1.99€2.49AU $3.67$2.99Spotlight
Let Them Come$3.99£3.19€3.99AU $5.32$3.99Spotlight
Lords of the Fallen$2.99£2.24€2.99AU $4.49$3.74Deal With Gold
Lords of the Fallen Digital Complete Edition$4.49£3.74€4.49AU $7.49$5.24Deal With Gold
Mable and the Wood$11.99£9.99€11.99AU $17.96$15.19Spotlight
MechaNika$2.99£2.49€2.99AU $4.52$3.84Spotlight
Merge Mega Bundle$13.24£10.37€13.24AU $17.48$13.24Spotlight
Miles & Kilo$3.99£3.59€3.99AU $5.97$4.99Spotlight
NHL® 20 Deluxe Edition$55.99£55.99€63.99AU $87.96$71.99Spotlight
NHL® 20 Ultimate Edition$63.99£63.99€71.99AU $95.76$79.99Spotlight
Ninjin: Clash of Carrots$0.99£0.83€0.99AU $1.49$1.27Deal With Gold
Override: Mech City Brawl$5.99£4.99€5.99AU $8.99$7.99Deal With Gold
Override: Mech City Brawl – Season Pass$2.99£2.39€2.99AU $4.69$3.99Spotlight
Override: Mech City Brawl – Super Charged Mega Edition$7.99£5.99€7.99AU $11.99$9.99Deal With Gold
OVIVO Enhanced$4.89£4.05€4.89AU $7.31$6.29Deal With Gold
Planet Alpha$5.99£4.79€5.99AU $8.08$5.99Deal With Gold
Platformers Bundle$11.99£9.99€11.99AU $17.96$15.19Spotlight
Pool Nation FX$3.59£2.87€3.59AU $4.78$3.59Spotlight
Predator for Mortal Kombat X$2.49£1.99€2.49AU $3.32$2.49Spotlight
Predator/Prey Pack for Mortal Kombat X$1.99£1.59€1.99AU $2.67$1.99Spotlight
Razed$3.59£2.87€3.59AU $4.78$3.59Spotlight
Recotech Bundle$4.79£3.83€4.79$4.79Spotlight
Rememoried$2.99£2.49€2.99AU $4.49$3.79Spotlight
RGX: Showdown$4.99£3.99€4.99AU $7.47$6.74Deal With Gold
RIOT – Civil Unrest$7.99£5.99€7.99AU $10.78$7.99Spotlight
Samurai Pack for Mortal Kombat X$1.99£1.59€1.99AU $2.67$1.99Spotlight
SAMURAI SHODOWN (Standard Ver.)$29.99£24.99€29.99AU $44.97$38.49Spotlight
SAMURAI SHODOWN DELUXE EDITION$59.99£50.24€59.99AU $89.96$77.24Deal With Gold
SAMURAI SHODOWN SEASON PASS for SAMURAI SHODOWN (Standard Ver.)$14.99£12.55€14.99AU $22.46$19.49Deal With Gold
Shadow Tactics – Blades of the Shogun$14.99£11.99€14.99AU $19.48$14.99Spotlight
Shoppe Keep$5.19£4.15€5.19AU $6.90$5.19Spotlight
Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut$5.60£4.48€5.60AU $7.50$5.60Spotlight
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3$7.99£6.39€7.99AU $11.99$9.99Deal With Gold
Sparkle 2$3.99£3.19€3.99AU $5.32$3.99Spotlight
Spiral Splatter$2.49£1.99€2.49AU $3.72$2.49Spotlight
Super Mutant Alien Assault$2.49£1.99€2.49AU $3.36$2.49Deal With Gold
Super Night Riders$3.99£3.19€3.99$3.99Spotlight
Tanya for Mortal Kombat X$2.49£1.99€2.49AU $3.32$2.49Spotlight
Tesla vs Lovecraft$7.49£5.99€7.49AU $9.97$7.49Spotlight
The Bridge$2.49£1.99€2.49AU $3.36$2.49Spotlight
The Long Reach$3.74£2.99€3.74$3.74Spotlight
The Monster Couch Party Pack$8.99£7.49€8.99AU $13.47$11.39Spotlight
The Surge Enhanced HDR$4.99£3.93€4.99AU $6.23$6.74Deal With Gold
The Surge – Augmented Edition Enhanced$9.99£8.24€9.99AU $13.73$13.49Deal With Gold
The Surge 2$44.99£37.49€44.99AU $67.46$59.99Deal With Gold
The Telltale Batman Bundle$12.49£10.49€12.49AU $18.72$15.99Deal With Gold
Think of the Children$2.59£2.07€2.59AU $3.45$2.59Deal With Gold
Tiles$1.99£1.64€1.99AU $2.97$2.64Spotlight
Time Carnage$7.49£5.99€7.49AU $11.37$7.49Spotlight
Tiny Troopers Joint Ops$3.99£3.19€3.99AU $5.38$3.99Spotlight
Tower of Guns$4.49£3.59€4.49$4.49Spotlight
Tremor for Mortal Kombat X$2.49£1.99€2.49AU $3.32$2.49Spotlight
Triborg for Mortal Kombat X$2.49£1.99€2.49AU $3.67$2.99Spotlight
Tumblestone$3.99£3.19€3.99AU $5.39$3.99Spotlight
Turok Bundle$11.99£9.59€11.99AU $15.98$11.99Deal With Gold
Tyler: Model 005$1.99£1.59€1.59AU $2.99$1.99Deal With Gold
Undead Horde$12.74£10.68€12.74AU $19.08$16.49Spotlight
Unruly Heroes$13.99£12.59€13.99AU $20.96$17.49Spotlight
Vaporum$9.99£7.99€9.99AU $14.98$12.79Spotlight
Verdun$12.99£10.39€12.99AU $17.51$13.31Spotlight
Vostok Inc$7.49£5.99€7.49AU $9.97$7.49Spotlight
Wailing Heights$5.99£4.79€5.99$5.99Spotlight
Wired Twin-Stick Bundle$9.99£7.99€9.99AU $13.38$9.99Spotlight
XL Pack$12.49£9.99€12.49AU $19.00$14.99Spotlight
Ys Origin$9.99£7.99€9.99AU $13.47$9.99Spotlight
Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition$3.74£2.99€3.74AU $4.98$3.74Spotlight


Xbox 360

Mighty No. 9 – Ray Expansion for Mighty No. 9$2.49£1.99€2.49AU $3.32$2.49Deal With Gold
Mighty No. 9 – Retro Hero for Mighty No. 9$1.49£1.19€1.49AU $1.97$1.49Deal With Gold
MotoGP 14$5.99£4.49€5.99AU $8.99$5.99Deal With Gold
MXGP – The Official Motocross Videogame$7.99£4.99€5.99AU $9.98$7.99Deal With Gold
Sniper Ghost Warrior – Second Strike for Sniper: Ghost Warrior$2.79£1.87€2.67AU $2.78$2.79Deal With Gold

The discounts should be getting better as we head on to Christmas. Which games are worth getting in this lot? Let us know below.

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