Zombie Army 4 Update 1.44 Patch Notes; Fixes Bugs & More This November 15

Zombie Army 4 Update 1.44

Rebellion has released the November Zombie Army 4 update 1.44 patch today! This title update for the shooter fixes rest mode for PlayStation gamers, fixes a slew of bugs and tons more. Check out the full patch notes for today’s November 15 Zombie Army 4: Dead War patch.

Zombie Army 4 Update 1.44 Patch Notes | New Zombie Army 4: Dead War Update for November 15 Patch Notes:

Attention Slayers,

As usual, we’ve been blown away by the number of undead slain since the latest Zombie Army 4 update. A huge thank you to The Resistance for your response to Season 3 and for feeding back to HQ throughout – the development team have heeded the call to arms!

As well as more general bug fixes, this update addresses the reports of audio inconsistencies, most prevalent to PlayStation players since the release of 3.4.


Windows Store:

  • The issue causing DLC to go missing despite players owning and installing the content has now been resolved


  • Online multiplayer can now be accessed after an extended soak in rest mode
  • Players can now view the text messages in lobby and during gameplay sent from self or other players that are also in Simplified Chinese
  • There is now a PlayStation icon next to a PlayStation players’ name on their player card or when they use Voice Chat


  • Cross-play – PC platforms are now currently able to switch between Push-to-talk and Always-On when using Voice Chat
  • When using a Gamepad, PC players are now able to use voice chat due to initial issues with it currently only working as “Push to Talk” via the keyboard


All Platforms (Excluding Stadia):

  • The progress Block on Rotten Coast, Survive Hitler’s Trap has now been resolved
  • FG 42 SMG Stat Card Error has been rectified
  • The Damnedbusters achievement now unlocks after completing the mission
  • The progress block on Dead Zeppelin Heartbreaker objective has been resolved
  • In Deeper Than Hell, Episode 4 Ancient Temple, the ‘Stop Schweiger Completing the Occult Engine’ objective now gets completed after destroying all 7 batteries during coop play-through
  • The Blowtorch Weapon – VFX of weapon attachments now disappears after consuming it
  • The ‘All of this has happened before’ achievement now unlocks
  • Tarot Charm Pack – The ‘Judgement’ charm no longer clips with the ‘Blowtorch’ during gameplay
  • Occult Karl Outfit – No longer clips with certain Pistols and the holster of the Occult Karl Outfit
  • Occult Karl Outfit – Certain headgear no longer clips with the head of the Occult Karl Outfit
  • The Strange Brigade Headgear Pack – Eyeballs of ‘Occult Karl’ character now glow after equipping the ‘Mummy Head Mask’
  • The Progression block on Zombie Zoo Nightmare mode has been resolved
  • Progress Block on Hell Base, Chapter 4, Survive the Zombie Horde has been resolved
  • Hell’s Cauldron – Walkway B – Overly dark texture is no longer observed over the metal platform present near the Fire trap located on Walkway B
  • Hell’s Cauldron – Walkway A2 – Black texture is no longer observed in the gap of the metal beams present near the Tower A door located on the Walkway A2
  • Cross-play (PlayStation/PC only) – In a Lobby or in-game the player’s own “Mute” button is now disabled If Voice Chat is disabled in the Options
  • Cross-play (PlayStation/PC only) – When disabling Voice Chat via the Options in a Lobby or in-game, the disabled comms icon failed to appear. This will appear correctly after leaving and re-joining
  • Blowtorch Weapon Bundle – The visuals for the first, second and third damage upgrades are now unique
  • Ambient, menu and zombie sounds are now at the correct levels

Source: Zombie Army

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