Zombie Army 4 Update 1.45 Patch Notes; Drops for December Update

Zombie Army 4 Update 1.45

Rebellion has released the Zombie Army 4 update 1.45 patch, which is the December update for the zombie shooter! This includes a long list of fixes for all platforms (as well as some platform-exclusive fixes), and we even get confirmation of new content incoming in 2022! Read on for the full patch notes for the December 13 title update.

Zombie Army 4 Update 1.45 Patch Notes | Zombie Army 4 December Update Patch Notes:


  • Cumulative playtime counter now works as intended
  • Cutscene SFX error in the Dead Zeppelin level has now been rectified
  • Dead Ahead – Shooting Range – Zombies no longer misaligned with the cage present inside the Safe Room
  • Crossplay (PlayStation/PC Only)  – Death Canal – Interact prompt for the workbench is no longer unavailable for players while the game is hosted on PS4
  • The Strange Brigade Headgear Pack – The Seteki Headdress Headgear no longer clips through Secondary Weapons on all Hector character skins
  • Crossplay (PlayStation/PC Only) – Resolved issue where the Speaker icon didn’t display correctly when the player mutes themselves
  • Return to Hell – The Karl zombie characters that appear throughout the mission no longer wear the Occult Karl Outfit skin
  • Blowtorch Weapon Bundle – Mismatched texture is no longer observed for the Blowtorch’s Platinum skin
  • Blowtorch Weapon Bundle – Visual error for the second and third Fuel Pump Regulator upgrades has been rectified
  • Hell’s Cauldron – Walkway A1 – Overly dark texture is no longer observed on the metal platform after exiting the Start Room
  • Crossplay (PlayStation/PC Only) – Voice chat toggle description has been adjusted for clarity
  • M3 Grease Gun – The issue causing charms to be incorrectly attached to the weapon have now been resolved
  • Flare Gun – The issue causing charms to be incorrectly attached to the weapon have now been resolved
  • Crossplay (PlayStation/PC Only) – Resolved issue where Speaker icon would remain on players screens after releasing the ‘Push to talk’ button during the gameplay
  • Resolved error where the collectible section would display an incorrect preview image for all DLCs selected after Damnation Valley.
  • Horde Mode – The Blowtorch weapon has been added into weapon caches
  • The Progress Block affecting some players in Hell’s Cauldron has now been rectified
  • Resolved issue where the player mute icon would stay on the screen despite being unmuted
  • Rectified error where chapters would display incorrect challenge in the mission select screen


All of the above, plus:

  • The issue causing DLC to go missing despite players owning and installing the content has now been resolved
  • The progress Block on Rotten Coast, Survive Hitler’s Trap has now been resolved
  • FG 42 SMG Stat Card Error has been rectified
  • The Damnedbusters achievement now unlocks after completing the mission
  • The progress block on Dead Zeppelin Heartbreaker objective has been resolved
  • In Deeper Than Hell, Episode 4 Ancient Temple, the ‘Stop Schweiger Completing the Occult Engine’ objective now gets completed after destroying all 7 batteries during coop play-through
  • The Blowtorch Weapon – VFX of weapon attachments now disappears after consuming it
  • The ‘All of this has happened before’ achievement now unlocks
  • Tarot Charm Pack – The ‘Judgement’ charm no longer clips with the ‘Blowtorch’ during gameplay
  • Occult Karl Outfit – No longer clips with certain Pistols and the holster of the Occult Karl Outfit
  • Occult Karl Outfit – Certain headgear no longer clips with the head of the Occult Karl Outfit
  • The Strange Brigade Headgear Pack – Eyeballs of ‘Occult Karl’ character now glow after equipping the ‘Mummy Head Mask’
  • The Progression block on Zombie Zoo Nightmare mode has been resolved
  • Progress Block on Hell Base, Chapter 4, Survive the Zombie Horde has been resolved
  • Hell’s Cauldron – Walkway B – Overly dark texture is no longer observed over the metal platform present near the Fire trap located on Walkway B
  • Hell’s Cauldron – Walkway A2 – Black texture is no longer observed in the gap of the metal beams present near the Tower A door located on the Walkway A2
  • Blowtorch Weapon Bundle – The visuals for the first, second and third damage upgrades are now unique


All of the above, plus:

  • Lobbies no longer fail to appear on the ‘Browse Games’ screen after getting kicked from a lobby

Rebellion has also confirmed that players can expect more content to be released in 2022!

To thank the community for their ongoing support and to ensure our players are able to master all weapons successfully, we’ve granted all players Level 50 and above 4 x Weapon Upgrade Kits to spend as they wish. For those looking to challenge themselves over the Christmas period, from this point onwards this reward will be available to all players once they’ve reached Level 50.

We’ve got an exciting year ahead of us with plenty of undead content to come, so stay tuned via our social channels for more in the New Year.

Once we know more details regarding the future content, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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