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Fortnite 2.4.2 Update Is Now Live, Patch Notes Detail Valentine’s Day Celebrations News 0

News 0 Downtime for the Fortnite 2.4.2 update has now ended, and all players will be able to boot up the game and matchmake without worry. Gameplay will now be considerably shaken up, what with all of the new features included in the Fortnite 2.4.2 update. The @FortniteGame Twitter account confirmed that services have been restored: Make way! We’re back and V.2.4.2 […]

Fortnite Matchmaking Disabled: Why Is Fortnite Matchmaking Temporarily Disabled? News 0

News 0 Those attempting to play Fortnite today will find themselves disappointed, as Fortnite matchmaking disabled errors are affecting all players. This is due to scheduled maintenance, which has no specified ending time. Hold tight, as once servers are up again, you’ll be able to enjoy the goodies bundled with the Fortnite 2.4.2 update! Fortnite Matchmaking Disabled: Why Is Fortnite Matchmaking Temporarily Disabled? In […]

Injustice 2 Patch 1.16 Flies Out, Here’s the Changes (Update) News 0

News 0 Update: The full patch notes have been released, and can be seen below (via WB). General Gameplay Adjustments General stability and Online stability improvements Move list corrections and improvements to AI logic Fixed some Credits / Mother Box / Multiverse exploits involving deleting your save data Manually deleting your main save data will now result […]

New Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Trailer Calls for Action, Free Trial Coming Next Week News 0

News 0 Ubisoft is going all out with Rainbow Six Siege this month, as not only is there new content set to drop, but there’s even a free weekend set to go live soon! There’s a new Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak trailer that bins the super serious narrative the game has, and instead focuses on aliens. Yep, […]

PUBG Update #5 PC Rolling Out, Here’s What’s New News 1

News 1 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players, there’s a new game update out now for the PC version’s test servers, and it contains a few fixes that fans have been asking for, and a new anti-cheat measure has been implemented! PUBG update #5 might just be in the testing for now, but it’ll be out today, February 7, at […]

Monster Hunter World Mantles – How to Get Them All News 0

News 0 Monster Hunter World armor isn’t the only defense in the game you need to think about. In Monster Hunter World, a lot of fights boil down to what armor you’re wearing, and what weapon you’re currently using. However, there’s a hidden game-changer that lies within, and these are the mantles! Those not familiar with the […]

NBA 2K18 Update 1.10 Dribbles Out News 1

News 1 NBA 2K18 update 1.10 dribbles out of bounds! Visual Concepts has just released NBA 2K18 update 1.10, and while it’s a hefty 5.7GB download on the PlayStation 4, we currently don’t know the exact stuff that got added, tweaked or changed. Unfortunately, 2K Games is continuing its “roll out a patch, and don’t give an […]

Injustice 2 TMNT Trailer Brings the Ninja Turtle Action to DC News 0

News 0 Injustice 2 TMNT in the house! Cowabunga! In a press release, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment unveiled the first-ever Injustice 2 TMNT trailer that showcases the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and their moves! Get to play as Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michaelangelo, all with character-specific moves, all by gear customization! Equipping each of the characters’ trademark […]

DICE Explains the Fight Against Battlefield 1 Cheats and Exploits News 0

News 0 Developer DICE has provided an insight into how it handles players who use Battlefield 1 cheats and exploits. A detailed (but not too detailed) blog post explains the various Battlefield 1 anti cheat systems that are in place, and what measures are being taken to help keep the fight fair. Here’s a rundown of what DICE deems safe to share: […]

Battlefront 2 Clone Wars DLC Teases Continue, Updates to Be More Regular & Other New Info News 0

News 0 There have been more rumblings about an upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2 Clone Wars DLC. DICE developers have been teasing aspects of the Clone Wars era, with fans pushing for Obi-Wan and other CW-era heroes. We’ve also seen a number of tweets providing updates on patches and what is currently being focused on. You can find a smattering […]

PUBG Stats Revealed: 130 Million Chicken Dinners Earned, 13 Million Frying Pan Kills & More News 1

News 1 During its stay in Steam’s Early Access catalog, PUBG broke records in many different ways, with big sales figures and always-high concurrent player counts. Now, thanks to an official infographic, we can dive even deeper into the PUBG stats. Take a look below at the ridiculously high amount of hours played, the number of players who suffered a humiliating […]

Overwatch Developer Update Details New Ayutthaya Map, Capture the Flag & More News 0

News 0 Overwatch Year of the Dog celebrations kick off tomorrow, February 8, bringing a new map and mode, various seasonal cosmetic items, and more, to the game. In this latest Overwatch developer update, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan discusses the new Ayutthaya map, Capture the Flag mode, and details of the new skins. Watch it below! Overwatch’s Lunar New Year celebration […]

The Surge 2 Announced for Consoles & PC, Launching 2019 News 1

News 1 Focus Home Interactive has announced that The Surge 2 will be coming to PC and consoles in 2019. It will be powered using a new “upgraded and improved engine,” and take place in a “sprawling, devastated city with larger and more ambitious level design.” It isn’t clear if The Surge 2 multiplayer will be a thing, but I can definitely […]

PUBG Xbox One Update Patch Notes 8: Increased Vehicle Damage & Bug Fixes News 0

News 0 A new set of PUBG Xbox One update patch notes have been released for the new update. The main focus of this PUBG Xbox update is to tweak vehicle damage, while also fixing a few bugs. Here are all of the details you need: Xbox players, we have a new patch for you. It reverts the low vehicle […]

Report: Obsidian Entertainment New Game Most Likely Titled “The Outer Worlds” News 0

News 0 If you’re an RPG fan, chances are you’ve heard of Obsidian Entertainment since the studio has been around developing such notable titles like Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity, and South Park: The Stick of Truth. While the studio has Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire set for release later this April, it seems we now […]

The Division 1.18 Patch Fixes Issues and Exploits News 0

News 0 In case you’re one of the many people going back to Ubisoft’s shared world third-person shooter The Division, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a game update rolled out today by the developers, and it’s to fix a few nagging in-game issues. The Division 1.18 update fixes an exploit, and a few issues. Check […]

Bluepoint Games Is “Remaking a Classic” Once Again, Hiring Senior Graphics Engineer News 1

News 1 Bluepoint Games is looking for a senior graphics engineer to help remake “a classic for current-gen game systems.” The new hire will be joining the team to develop “AAA titles for [the] latest-gen home consoles.” It’s not clear what game is being worked on, but the job listing offers some hints. Here’s what the job […]

PUBG Reshade Is Now Permanently Blocked, However Upcoming Anti-Cheat Patch Is Delayed News 0

News 0 It’s a sad, sad day for PUBG Reshade users, as the program has now been officially blocked. This comes as part of the new anti-cheat measures, and is the first step to blocking cheating and “helping” programs which give players an unfair advantage. The PUBG Reshade block was supposed to be accompanied by a large anti-cheat patch, but that update has […]

Xbox Deals With Gold: Rainbow Six Siege, The Sims 4 & More News 0

News 0 A new batch of Xbox Deals With Gold are now live and running through February 12. Big discounts are available on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. It’s the “Ubisoft Publisher Sale,” which means there’s plenty of Ubisoft titles whose prices have been significantly slashed. Take a look at the full list of deals below: […]

Rocket League Crates and RL Items for Sale From a Legit Seller News 0

News 0 Sponsored by PlayerAuctions.com With Rocket League now being one of the most played games of all time, it’s easy to understand why lots of players would want items in the game to make their cars — and profiles — stand out. While Rocket League DLC is free, the game does offer loot crates which house […]

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