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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 New Specialist Teased Along With Blackout Map Change News 0

News 0 While Treyarch has rolled out night variations of existing Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 maps, the developer is now teasing something entirely different when it comes to the game. Over on Twitter, Treyarch has teased a Black Ops 4 new Specialist, along with an upcoming change to the Blackout map! The official Call of […]

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition to Be Free-to-Play for a Limited Time Starting Next Week News 0

News 0 Always wanted to try the latest version of Capcom’s Street Fighter but never had the chance? Well, now you do! Capcom has announced that Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be free-to-play for a limited time next week! Starting from December 11 and lasting until December 19, Street Fighter V will have a free trial […]

Red Dead Online Weapon Price Changes Confirmed, Mission Payments Increased; Gifts Announced for Players News 0

News 0 We posted that Rockstar Games has acknowledged that the in-game economy in Red Dead Online needs to be tweaked to be a bit more giving just a few days ago, and now, the studio has follow through with that promise! Starting today, Rockstar is adjusting the Red Dead Online weapon prices, and the mission payouts! […]

PlayStation Store The Game Awards Sale Is Live, Here’s the Complete List of Discounted Games News 1

News 1 In case you didn’t know, The Game Awards will be taking place later today! While games, and the people who make them will take center stage along with the game reveals, there’s also a PlayStation Store The Game Awards sale happening, and it’s live right now! As one can expect, the discounted games are the […]

Destiny 2 Black Armory Raid Called “Scourge of the Past,” Watch the Trailer Now News 0

News 0 As is with almost every Destiny expansion, possibly the biggest draw are the raids that Bungie dishes out to test the mettle of veterans and newcomers alike. With Destiny 2’s Black Armory expansion, that will happen again! In a press release, Bungie announced the Destiny 2 Black Armory raid and it’s called “Scourge of the […]

Battlefield V Overture Known Issues Listed by DICE News 0

News 0 With DICE releasing a massive patch yesterday with the arrival of the Overture content in Battlefield V, it’s understandable (or not, depending on your point of view) that some things might not be working as intended. If you experienced a bug or two after the Battlefield V Overture update, you’re not the only one! Listed […]

Prey: Typhon Hunter Announced, Includes Multiplayer Mode, Escape Room VR Experience News 0

News 0 Bethesda has sent out a press release announcing Prey: Typhon Hunter, which is the final update for 2017’s Prey! Set to come out next week, Prey: Typhon Hunter will bring a new multiplayer mode to the game, and even a VR-only single-player experience! Prey: Typhon Hunter includes two new exciting modes for Prey: Typhon Hunter multiplayer: a heart-throbbing […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Mercenary Playlist Returning Before the End of the Year News 0

News 0 With Treyarch rolling out frequent Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 game setting updates, the studio also juggles not only the featured modes, but also the playlists available in multiplayer. Unfortunately, with the latest hotfix, the available Black Ops 4 mercenary playlists (read: no parties allowed) have been taken out. Over on the Black Ops […]

Battlefield V Gets First Headgear With Hair and Here’s What It Looks Like News 0

News 0 In Battlefield V, DICE has ratcheted up the visual customization to the point that gamers can change each specific part of the body, and that includes the head. While there’s a lot of headgear available for Battlefield V, we now have our first headgear with hair! Rolled out as part of the free Overture content […]

New Far Cry Game to Be Announced at The Game Awards News 1

News 1 While we just had Far Cry 5 in March earlier this year, it seems Ubisoft is ready to announce a new Far Cry game to the gaming masses tomorrow at The Game Awards! In a new teaser video, the publisher mentions how “flames devoured everything,” while a buzzsaw is shown in the ground and more. […]

NBA 2K19 Update 1.07 Shoots Out, Includes LeBron New Face Scan, Gameplay Improvements News 0

News 0 Visual Concepts has a new NBA 2K19 update 1.07 out now for the PS4 and Xbox One, with the PC and Nintendo Switch versions getting the patch at a later date. Clocking in at 6.8GB on the PS4, the patch includes new player face/hair/tattoo updates, gameplay improvements and more! Check out the complete patch notes […]

Microsoft’s Major Nelson Gifts 12-Month Game Pass to Gamer Asking Game Suggestions for Her Mom News 0

News 0 Here’s your feel-good story for the week; Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb gifts an Xbox One community member a Game Pass membership without the person asking for it — or anything. Spotted by Reddit user RoyalTeaCompany, Major Nelson replied to Reddit user named hannahelizabeth97 who asked the Xbox One subreddit community for game suggestions for […]

Bethesda Support Bugs Out, Leaks Phone Numbers, Addresses, and Names of Customers News 0

News 0 In almost comical fashion, Bethesda’s PR nightmare isn’t over yet. It seems that their ticketing system bugged out and allowed users who submitted tickets to Bethesda support to see tickets submitted by other users and change the state of them (like closing tickets out). A plethora of those tickets just happened to be for the […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Game Settings Update Today Includes K9, Scorestreak Improvement & More News 0

News 0 In case you turned on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and noticed a new hotfix, it’s because Treyarch has rolled out a new Black Ops 4 game settings update today! Both consoles and PC versions are getting the hotfix treatment, and the server-side update has a few fixes included that should be good news […]

GT Sport Update 1.31 Patch Notes Lists New Cars, Track and More News 0

News 0 In case you turned on Gran Turismo Sport and noticed that a new title update has been rolled out, it’s none other than Polyphony Digital’s December update for the game! We have the GT Sport update 1.31 patch notes, and they’re pretty significant. There’s a slew of new cars, a new track, and new events! […]

Fallout 76 Stealth Nerfs Discovered in Latest Patch, Includes Reduced Enemy XP, Production Nerf & More News 1

News 1 While Bethesda rolled out a big Fallout 76 title update to fix technical and gameplay issues with the game, it seems the studio did more than what was revealed in the actual patch notes. Based on multiple feedback from the game’s players, a bunch of Fallout 76 stealth nerfs were included in the patch as […]

EA Is Giving a 50% Discount on Battlefield V for Those Who Own Battlefield 1 & BF4, Community Not Happy News 34

News 34 Do you own Battlefield V? Have you bought the last few Battlefield games made by DICE? If so, you’ll be glad to know that EA is offering a 50 percent discount on Battlefield V for those who own Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4! This promotion can be seen just by booting up Battlefield 1 and/or […]

Tekken 7 Update Patch Notes for 2.10 Listed – Balance Changes and More Detailed News 0

News 0 In case you haven’t turned on Tekken 7 today, you might want to as a new Tekken 7 update 2.10 is now out and it brings in new fighters, a host of balance changes as well. Thanks to AvoidingThePuddle, they’ve translated the text from game’s official Japanese website. Tekken 7 – Version 2.10 Update PS4 […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Arsenal Map Exploit Lets You Shoot From the Rooftops News 2

News 2 Like it or not, there’s always someone who manages to find an exploit or two in every Call of Duty game, and while the cheaters run the gamut from those using aimhacks, using mouse & keyboard adapters on consoles, there’s the more “conservative” kind of cheaters — the ones that just exploit the hell out […]

Epic Announces Fortnite Creative, Let’s You Build Your Own Game News 0

News 0 With Fortnite seemingly snatching the battle royale crown away from PUBG emphatically, some might have assumed that Epic Games would rest on its laurels and just wait for the oodles of cash to come in. Well, apparently, that’s not the case. In a new post on the company’s website, Epic has announced “Fortnite Creative.” Curious […]

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