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GTA Online Heists Delayed Yet Again, No New ETA Given, “I’m Not a Hipster” Weekend Event Detailed News 34

News 34 Those still waiting for the arrival of online multiplayer Heists in Grand Theft Auto Online – which is pretty much everyone, or roughly 32.5 million gamers as of last February – are in for some disappointing news. The long awaited GTA Online update that was supposed to release this Spring has yet again been delayed, according to a post on Rockstar’s […]

GTA Online’s “I’m Not A Hipster” Update Now Live – New Clothes, Weapons, Vehicles, and More News 15

News 15 As of this writing, those who still enjoy causing havoc all over Los Santos and Blaine County on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 can now look forward to GTA Online’s latest monthly update, called “I’m Not A Hipster.” The update doesn’t contain any major new features, but it does, however, contain the following nifty additions: I’m […]

GTA V is Coming to Next-Gen This Fall, Experience Los Santos on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC News 57

News 57 Renown developer Rockstar Games is bringing to life the hopes and dreams of Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC gamers around the world by announcing a re-envisioning of their smash hit open-world title, Grand Theft Auto 5, on next-gen. “Grand Theft Auto V will take full advantage of the power of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One […]

Get Tons of In-Game Bonuses in GTA Online’s High Life Weekend Event News 3

News 3 Live the high life and be rewarded handsomely in this weekend’s special Grand Theft Auto Online event. Celebrating the recent launch of The High Life update in Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar is offering increased GTA$ and RP payouts in a number of specific jobs and activities in GTA Online’s High Life Weekend Event. Bet […]

The High Life Update Coming to Grand Theft Auto Online May 13 News 18

News 18 Upgrade your lifestyle with The High Life update coming to Grand Theft Auto Online this Tuesday, May 13, Rockstar Games confirmed today. The free update introduces five new locations to the the Los Santos real estate market, all with brand new interior designs. You’ll also be able to own up to two properties simultaneously after the new […]

GTA Online Double GTA$ and RP Event Underway, High Life Update Arrives This Month News 8

News 8 Today and Saturday marks another double GTA$ and Rockstar Point event for Grand Theft Auto Online users on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. May 2-3, everyone will get twice the amount of GTA$ and RP in all GTA Online Jobs and activities, including: Races Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch Capture Last Team Standing Survival Missions Parachuting […]

GTA Online Capture Creator Launches This Friday, Earn Double GTA$ & RP in Capture Jobs News 6

News 6 Rockstar Games is deploying a new update to Grand Theft Auto Online‘s Creator Tool that will allow players to create their very own Capture jobs. The update, coming this Friday, April 11, will let players create and publish jobs across any of the four Capture Job variants; Contend, GTA, Hold, and Raid. To get you in […]

Rockstar Adds Another 10 Verified Jobs to GTA Online News 6

News 6 Ten new jobs in GTA Online have received Rockstar’s stamp of approval. On the heels of winning the best multiplayer game at the BAFTAs, Rockstar has verified ten new Grand Theft Auto Online jobs, now available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users. Also, the studio retired the jobs originally approved in December “due to restraints […]

GTA Online – Rockstar Verifies 10 New Player-Created Jobs News 11

News 11 Making the best of Grand Theft Auto Online’s recently launched Content Creator, developers Rockstar have verified a brand new batch of player-created jobs for everyone to participate in. In a recent blog post, the studio highlighted ten new jobs created by the GTA Online community that are now available on both the Xbox 360 and […]

XBL Deal Of The Week Discounts GTA V and Other GTA Content, Crews Now Support 1,000 Members News 1

News 1 This week’s Xbox Live Deal Of The Week is all about Grand Theft Auto. According to Major Nelson, GTA IV and its expansions, The Lost And The Damned and The Ballad Of Gay Tony, will be heavily discounted for the week of February 4 to February 10 on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Check out the details […]

Grand Theft Auto V Ships 32.5 Million Copies To Date, Highest Selling Title Of 2013 News 24

News 24 Rockstar Games is on a steam roll with impressive records for the open-world sandbox hit Grand Theft Auto V. If surpassing 1 billion in sales within its first three days of launch wasn’t enough, GTA V has shipped 32.5 millions copies to date, according to Take Two’s fiscal third quarter 2014 report, making it the best selling video […]

Research Firm Believes Take-Two’s 2014 Fiscal Year to Include Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V on PC, PS4, and Xbox One News 17

News 17 Colin Sebastian, a Senior Research Analyst over at Baird Equity Research, has published the firm’s 2014 Video Game Industry Predictions and Q4 Results Preview. The analyst predicts that video game publisher Take-Two might port Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One given the title’s success. He also speculates that a new entry in the […]

GTA Online – The Christmas Miracle, GTA V 33% Off On Xbox Live Until December 31 News 10

News 10 Our prays have been answered. The jolly old fat man is making his way over to Los Santos and Blaine Country and he’s bringing some snow with him. To celebrate the Holidays, Rockstar Games has deployed a new GTA Online update filled with limited-time-only content along with some seasonal weather changes to accompany the Holiday […]

GTA Online Update Introduces New Capture Playlist, Title Update 1.08 Patch Notes News 11

News 11 Tomorrow, a new update from Rockstar Games will bring a brand new collection of team-based game modes to GTA Online. The Capture playlist, included in a free GTA Online update available tomorrow on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, will introduce four brand new modes based on the popular capture-the-flag game mode. “Strategy plays a […]

GTA Online – Free Deathmatch and Race Creators, Capture Mode, and More Updates Incoming News 6

News 6 This week, some really neat updates are coming GTA Online that will offer players the chance to create their own in-game content. Rockstar will be launching beta versions of both the Deathmatch and Race Creators so you can get cracking on crafting some of your own awesome missions. You’ll have access to a number of […]

GTA Online – Leaked Audio Files Suggest Pink Slip Races, Casinos, Spying And More News 11

News 11 Although Rockstar is still on the hush-hush about any new features that might be implemented in GTA Online, a recent video has surfaced that contains brief dialogues between various NPC’s such as Lester and Martin that suggests a few interesting additions we may see in a future update. Among some the new things discussed in the […]

GTA Online Update 1.06 Patch Notes, Alters “Bad Sport” and Reward Systems News 20

News 20 Earlier this morning, Rockstar Games deployed a brand new update for the online portion of Grand Theft Auto 5 that introduced new jobs, weapons, vehicles and customization options to the world of GTA Online. Dubbed the “Beach Bum” update, as most of its content is beach-themed, it also introduced a number of behind-the-scenes tweaks that […]

GTA Online Stimulus Package Direct Deposits Have Begun, Says Rockstar News 16

News 16 With patch 1.05 having solved a number of player progress issues in GTA Online, Rockstar is finally ready to put some GTA dollars in your digital pocket. Announced last month, Rockstar was to give a total of $500,000 in GTA$ to all players affected by the online’s stability issues when it launched on October 1. […]

GTA Online – New Patch Early Next Week, First Of Two GTA$ Stimulus Package Deposits To Follow Shortly News 26

News 26 Those hoping for the very long awaited deposits of their GTA money included in Rockstar’s Stimulus Package to accommodate the rocky launch of GTA Online may be in for a bit longer of a wait. Recently, developers Rockstar have given an update on when GTA Online’s player base can expect to receive the first of two […]

GTA Online Patch 1.04 Now Available, Fixes Bugs and Nerfs Most Missions’ Payout By Half News 61

News 61 As Rockstar promised earlier this month players can now expect to be greeted in GTA Online with the option to download patch 1.04 on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms as of today. The patch is said to address the following issues: Patch 1.04 Notes Fixes numerous issues that were causing vehicle loss and/or loss […]

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