ANNO: Mutationem Update 5.00 Out for New Content This June 29

ANNO: Mutationem update 5.00

Developer Thinking Stars has released ANNO: Mutationem update 5.00 today for both the PS4 and PS5 platforms. This update adds English and Japanese voice-overs at the endings as well as some important bug fixes. Check out the full ANNO: Mutationem June 29 patch notes below. 

ANNO: Mutationem Update 5.00 Patch Notes | ANNO: Mutationem June 29 Patch Notes:

The patch notes were posted on the game’s PS4 update history page. You can read the full details below.


  • Added [Screenshot Mode].Enter from the pause interface, and enter the pause interface again to return to normal gameplay.
  • Added a new modes: [new game + mode] :Hell Mode unlocked. Players can open this mode after the first pass.
  • Added English and Japanese multi-ending voice-over

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed part of the cutscene errors
  • Fixed some language text display errors
  • Optimized the AI behavior tree of some enemy soldiers
  • Optimized the armor value of some elites

That’s it for the patch notes. ANNO: Mutationem is out now for the PC, PS5 and PS4 platforms. 

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