Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.61 Patch Notes for June 24

Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.61 Patch Notes

Studio Wildcard has released the Ark Survival Evolved update 2.61 June 24 patch, addressing several bugs. This patch is now available for both PlayStation and Xbox, while the PC version saw many of these fixes in previous updates.

Ark Survival Evolved Update 2.61 Patch Notes (June 24):

  • Fixed resources not spawning properly on asteroids in the space biome
  • Hunt Missions now work on console servers and will count towards mission requirements for Stryders and the Boss Fight
  • Fixed cryopod UI not displaying properly
  • Fixed a mesh exploit
  • Fixed an edge case bug where feeding the Shadowmane would not result in an affinity gain
  • Fixed some exploits
  • Fixed some cases where the Explorer Notes would not unlock properly on the server (to get the first HLNA explorer note, make sure to hit the reset cinematics button in your options – note that you only unlock Explorer Notes once HLNA has finished all her lines.)
  • Fixed a bug where the WorldBuffScalingEfficacy would break harvesting rates
  • Prevented some Rockwell & Eden variants creatures on Aberration that weren’t native to the map (
  • Enabled creature downloads on Aberration for the Genesis Part 2 permitted creatures, including Stryder, Maewing, Shadowmane, Noglin, Rockwell and Eden variants.
  • Multiple TEK Engrams (Replicator, Teleporter, Trough, Forcefield, Dedicated Storage, Armour, Rifle, Turret, Generator) were added to the Genesis Part 2 boss fight
  • Hoversail no longer falls in Zero G (Boost is always active)
  • Net Ammo loaded into a Harpoon Launcher can now be used underwater
  • Mantis will now accept Rhino Horns for taming, at a lower affinity than Deathworm horns
  • Adjusted Mantis Feeding to prevent it from starving when fed Rhino Horns
  • Noglins can no longer attach to babies
  • Fixed a bug where Voidwyvrm wasn’t gaining bonus levels after taming
  • Fixed some VFX and SFX bugs with the Voidwyrm
  • Fixed some VFX and SFX bugs with the Stryder
  • Fixed some bugs with the Stryder which affected transferring items to and from the dedicated storage, as well as accessing some aspects of its pinwheel
  • Fixed a bug where players could errenously remove attachments from their Stryders
  • Fixed a bug where Stryder’s taming effectiveness would drop from 100% to 0%
  • Stryders should no longer count towards the Global Platform Structure Limit
  • Increased the Stryder hacking grace period to compensate for low framte rate servers
  • Fixed some visual issues with certain items on the Loadout Manneuquinne
  • TEK Explosive Arrow Damaged reduced by 25%
  • TEK Explosive Arrow projectile speed reduced by 33%
  • Astrodelphis Lazer damage reduced by 33%
  • Astrodelphis Grenade Bomb projectile speed reduced by 50%
  • Astrodelphis Lazers will no longer damage targets if it is encumbered
  • Fixed a bug where the Astrodelphis baby would get stuck inside the mother on spawn
  • Fixed a case where the Astrodelphis homing missile would still damage riders even though it was targetting the creature
  • Note: We still plan to iterate on Astrodelphis balance.
  • Fixed multiple server and client stalls and crashes
  • Fixed some cases where creatures weren’t properly playing the unconscious animation when being shot by a Net Ammo
  • Fixed a bug where the Genesis Part 1 Arrivial Protocol mission wasn’t starting
  • Fixed some cases of false mesh detection
  • Fixed a bug where the Hoversail or Hoverskiff were causing asteroids not to render
  • Fixed some exploits in missions that allowed you to keep the mission weapon longer than intended
  • Fixed a bug which allowed you to create loot caches that would expire in 10 seconds
  • Removed some invalid items from the Mission Loot & Supply Crate tables on Genesis Part 2
  • Updated some mission objective text on Genesis Part 2
  • Updated some descriptive text for items on Genesis Part 2
  • Fixed a case where HLNA notes would not play when mounted
  • Shadowmane baby food consumption has been reduced
  • Fixed a bug where Maewing babies in baskets could be lost on server start up
  • Fish Baskets no longer check for nearby enemy structures in PVE
  • Any changes that were in previous updates for servers only, should now work on Single Player, Non-Dedicated Mode, and Player Dedicated mode.

Source: Survive The Ark

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