Black Desert Online Update 1.91 July 14 Patch Notes

Black Desert Online Update 1.91

Pearly Abyss has released the Black Desert Online update 1.91 July 14 patch during today’s maintenance period. This brings Afuaru to seasons, and a bunch of improvements which are all listed in the patch notes.

Black Desert Online Update 1.91 July 14 Patch Notes | Black Desert Update Today July 14:

Summer Season

● Defeating the following monsters on the Season Server have a low chance to draw out Afuaru.
– Defeat Afuaru to obtain Tuvala Ore or Refined Magical Black Stones, along with a low chance to get a ‘Frozen Tides Black Stone,’ which grants guaranteed TET(IV) to PEN(V) enhancement of Tuvala Gear.

Afuaru Zones
Desert Naga Temple
Bashim Base
Crescent Shrine
Titium Valley
Roud Sulfur Mine
Pila Ku Jail
Manshaum Forest
Fadus Habitat
Polly’s Forest
Tshira Ruins
Blood Wolf Settlement
Shultz Guard
Waragon Nest
Sherekhan Necropolis (Day)
Sherekhan Necropolis (Night)
Cadry Ruins
Centaurus Herds
Gahaz Bandit’s Lair
Navarn Steppe
Mirumok Ruins
Protty Cave
Forest Ronaros
Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper)
Marie Cave (Traitor’s Graveyard)
Basilisk Den


Season servers will now have their own exclusive version of Afuaru. Up until now, Afuaru served as a breath of fresh air for Adventurers while they were defeating monsters on the normal server, for he had a chance to drop some of the ‘best’ items in the game. And now, Afuaru has a whole new bag of goodies to be plundered from as he makes an appearance in Various locations throughout the season servers. Afuaru in the season server will drop either Refined Magical Black Stones or Tuvala Ores, along with the rare chance to drop the much-coveted ‘Frozen Tides Black Stone.’ The ‘Frozen Tides Black Stone’ will grant guaranteed TET (IV) or PEN (V) enhancement for Tuvala gear. Starting from this week, he will first appear in normal monster zones, while in the upcoming week, he is scheduled to make an appearance in monster zones recommended for parties on the season server (I,e. Shultz Guard, Basilisks, etc.) as well.

Monster Changes

● Daphne DelLucci in Balenos Forest claims to have spotted Dastard Bheg in Balenos Forest after he finished gathering the Mine Imps.

– Changed the appearance location of the field boss Dastard Bheg to Balenos Forest .



※ As the field boss, Dastard Bheg was disabled for a short period of time, ‘Dastard Bheg’ will appear one more time after being defeated until the July 21st maintenance (UTC+1).

Character Changes


● Absolute: Ultimate Righteous Charge–  Fixed an issue where the PvP damage of the skill was lower than intended.



● Flashing Light – Fixed the issue where the backward movement of the skill would be shorter if it was used after a particular motion of Bloodthirst: Katana Shower.

● Fixed an issue where pressing A/X after using Brace, while Prime: Smoke Screen is on cooldown, would cause the character to temporarily freeze.


A fundamental element of Corsair’s movement skills is the way Smooth Sailin’ combos with the Mareca Swing. However, the cooldown of Smooth Sailin’ was disrupting the natural fluidity of these movements, so we decided to make Smooth Sailin’ usable during cooldown in order to improve fluidity and make the skill more dynamic. On top of that, skills that couldn’t be chained after movement skills (such as Smooth Sailin’ or Riding Waves), were changed in order to allow comboing. Corsair’s unique move set can now inflict more aggressive attacks.

We also felt Mermaid skills were weak when it came to combos. So, we made changes to allow smoother comboing with other skills and also adjusted attack range to make them easier to perform. We also tweaked the Whirling Slash and Storm Surge skills as these attacks were difficult to land on targets. We noticed it was particularly difficult to land hits with Whirling Slash as it didn’t have any collision, so we changed this skill to include collisions when performed moving forward. This will enable forward-moving attacks to land on targets more easily, but note that the sideway attacks will still not include collision with targets. As for Storm Surge, we removed the start-up motion so that the skill activates quicker.

● Riding Wave – Fixed the issue where Mareca Swing would be used before the skill when holding LS↑+L2/LT

● Fixed the issue where Corsair would not start auto-running when L3 is pressed while stopping to move forward in combat stance.

● Storm Surge – Improved to combo smoother with skills and movements.

● Wipe Out – Fixed the issue where pressing the commands for the skill after using Splashin’ Around and Mareca: Jet Stream would activate Overflow instead.

● Flow: After the Storm – improved to be able to combo with the skills Whirlpool, Crashing Wave, and Mareca: Spiral Soak

● Flow: After the Storm – Fixed the issue where pressing the commands for the skill after the 2nd hit of Wave Lash would activate Crashing Wave.

● Prime: Wave Lash I~IV – Fixed the issue where the damage was not applied when the skill is used on the spot while on cooldown.

● Prime: Wave Lash II – Fixed the issue where the damage reduction was not being applied when using the skill while sprinting or when comboing after Riding Waves.

● Wave Lash – Changed to no longer move forward when using the skill while sprinting.

● Mareca: Sea Stroll – Improved so the character to face the same direction as the camera before the last strike.

● Mareca: Sea Stroll I-Absolute: Mareca: Sea Stroll – fixed the issue where the last hit would not be performed even when LS↓ was held during the skill.

● Improved her motion to appear smoother when stopping to move in combat stance.

● Riding Waves – Changed to now combo into Wave Lash and Ocean’s Pearl regardless of the direction in which the skill was used.

● Smooth Sailin’ – Improved so the skill can now be used on cooldown.

● Smooth Sailin’ – Improved to be able to combo with Tidal Slash and Ocean’’s Pearl during the skill.

● Smooth Sailin’ – Improved to combo smoothly with Wave Lash when using the skill left or right.

● Smooth Sailin’ – Improved to link more fluidly from other skills.

● Prime: Wave Lash I~IV – Fixed the issue where the sound effect would not be played when using the skills during their cooldown.

 Flow: Squall – changed to activate when used during cooldown.

● Crashing Wave – Changed to activate Storming Gale when holding L2+X/LT+B when the skill is on cooldown.

● Whirling Slash – Changed to have no collision until the rope is thrown when the skill is used moving sideways.

● Ocean’s Pearl, Mareca: Whale Song – Adjusted the attack range to be able to hit targets near and to the side of the character.

 Splashin’ Around – Fixed the issue where the character would attack diagonally when moving left, right, or back while using the skill.

 Storm Surge – Improved to cast faster by shortening its initial motion.

● Prime: Heirloom of the Crow – Changed to increase the attack range for every level of the skills Overflow and Flow: Tide’s Kiss.

● Prime: Mareca: Jet Stream – Improved to combo with Mareca: Whale Song and Mareca: Spiral Soak smoothly after using the skill.

 Prime: Mareca: Spiral Soak – Improved to combo with Mareca: Whale Song after the second hit of the skill.

● Mareca: Spiral Soak – Improved the 2nd hit to apply its effect to all targets regardless of the attack range.

● Riding Waves – Improved to combo smoothly with Mareca: Spiral Soak during the skill.

● Fixed the issue where other skills could not be used if a skill was activated using the Ring Menu in a non-combat state.

● Crashing Wave – Fixed the issue where the 1st hit damage was not applied in certain situations.

● Prime: Mareca: Spiral Soak – Fixed the issue where the 2nd hit’s max targets hit would be applied abnormally.

● Changed the damage of the following skills.

Skills Before After
Absolute: Storm Surge 1088% x 1, Max 5 Hits, 1088% x 4 938% x 1, Max 5 Hits, 938% x 4
Prime: Storm Surge I 758% x 1, Max 5 Hits, 758% x 4 820% x 1, Max 5 Hits, 820% x 4
Prime: Storm Surge II 918% x 1, Max 5 Hits, 918% x 4 962% x 1, Max 5 Hits, 962% x 4
Ocean Melancholy IV 905% x 1, Max 8 Hits 705% x 1, Max 8 Hits
Absolute: Ocean Melancholy 1090% x 1, Max 8 Hits 948% x 1, Mask 8 Hits
Prime: Ocean Melancholy I 720% x 1, Max 8 Hits 767% x 1, Max 8 Hits


● Sea Lungs – Can now be acquired from level 1.

● Mareca: Spiral Soak I ~ Absolute: Spiral Soak – Fixed the issue where the 2 hit damage description regarding max hits was different from how it was applied.

● Prime: Mareca: Spiral Soak I ~ Absolute: Spiral Soak – Fixed the issue with the 2 hit damage description was incorrectly displayed as 1 hit damage.

● Poses 1 and 2 have been changed in the character Beauty window.

● Black Spirit: Mareca: Sea Stroll, Black Spirit: Prime: Mareca: Sea Stroll – skill description has been changed to include the restorative effects.

Item Changes

● Work time for the Star’s End excavation node has been reduced by around 50%.

● The probability of acquiring a Mass of Pure Magic from excavation in Star’s End has been increased to 100%.

● The weights of the five different materials needed to enhance Naru and Tuvala gear were reduced to 0.1LT per x1000

Item Name
Beginner Black Stone (Weapon)
Beginner Black Stone (Armor)
Time-filled Black Stone
Refined Magical Black Stone
Tuvala Ore
Keeping enhancement materials for your Tuvala Gear in your inventory feels better than placing them in your storage, since you would naturally want to use them when you’re ready to enhance. However, keeping a hefty amount of these materials on you can place quite the burden on your character. Thus, we decided to adjust their weight (0.1LT per 1,000 items) to be less cumbersome.
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