Chivalry 2 Update 1.05 Rides Out for Hotfix 2.1.1

Torn Banner Studios has released the Chivalry 2 update 1.05 patch (PS5 1.005), which is also called hotfix 2.1.1 by the studio! This includes a number of controller fixes and crashing issues. What’s more, the studio has also outlined the next hotfix planned to be released no later tha August 30.

Chivalry 2 Update 1.05 Patch Notes | Chivalry 2 Hotfix 2.1.1 Patch Notes:

Today we have a small hotfix coming to all players that resolves a major issue for controller users, as well as some server crash fixes. This change is now live.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Cancel to Parry window on controller much smaller than intended
  • Fixed an exploit where players could purchase locked items with gold using a controller method


  • Fixed several server crashes

Here’s what’s planned to be included in the next hotfix which is set for release before the month is over:

While this is not an exhaustive list, here is a list of other issues we are working to resolve.

  • Players may revert to default customization when equipping a subset of items (such as customizing the One Handed Spear, issue does not occur in offline modes)
  • Console players experiencing increased crashes on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when playing Galencourt
  • Sometimes players are not migrating to larger matches at the end of a game (Especially noticeable in SA/OCE regions)
  • Server Browser is too hidden
  • Servers sometimes placing people outside of their expected region
  • Some customization items can’t be purchased (such as bowl cut) on consoles
  • Sir/Lady titles are currently not unlockable
  • Players can purchase customization items from outside of the Customizations menu
  • Additional map balancing and further exploit fixes

You can check out details on the game’s latest title update — House of Galencourt — right here.

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