Dragon Ball FighterZ Update 1.30 Adds Android 21 (Lab Coat) Support

Dragon Ball FighterZ Update 1.30

Arc System Works has released the Dragon Ball FighterZ update 1.30 on all platforms today. This update gives support for the upcoming Android 21 (Lab Coat) DLC. While this new update is available today, the Android 21 DLC won’t be out until February 24. She will be available in the Season Pass, or as a standalone DLC release. Some smaller other fixes have been made in today’s update too. You can read the full DBZ February February 21 patch notes below.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Update 1.30 Patch Notes | DB FighterZ Update 1.30 Patch Notes | Dragon Ball FighterZ February 21 Patch Notes:

Here are the patch notes via the PS4 update history:

  • Added data for DRAGON BALL FighterZ – FighterZ Pack 20 downloadable content
    • Note: Must be purchased and downloaded separately.
  • Fixed issues with fighting mechanics
  • Updated replay data version
    • (Replay data from older versions cannot be played.)
  • Fixed bugs and made improvements to overall stability.

That’s all of the news about today’s update so far. If Arc System releases more notes regarding fighter-related changes, we’ll update the post accordigly.

You can check out the previous patch notes here. Dragon Ball FighterZ is out now for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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