Dreams Update 2.46 Released for Small Bug Fix This May 20

Dreams update 2.46

Media Molecule has released the Dreams update 2.46 patch today on May 20. This is an update to fix the Convert to Painting option in the game. There is also more info posted for Tooltips. You can check out the full patch notes posted down below.

Dreams Update 2.46 Patch Notes | Dreams May 20 Update Patch Notes:

We’re at it again with a swift hotfix (swiftfix?) for a bug raised to us after the release of 2.44, regarding the newly-released Convert to Painting option. This fix does change the flow of using this tool, which we’ll detail below. It shouldn’t prevent you from taking full advantage of its benefits, though!


  • Convert to Painting credits bug: We’ve fixed an issue that caused credits to be lost when using Convert to Painting in a small selection of use cases. The option still operates as intended, preserving credits, but you now cannot convert sculptures from more than one element at the same time.
  • Merge Paintings change: To avoid the same issue of creator credit being lost, Merge Paintings has also been amended to restrict paintings from different elements being merged together.

Other Improvements

  • More Info Tooltips: These have been updated for both of the affected tools to better reflect their use.

That’s it for the patch notes. Dreams is out now for the PS4 console.

Source: Dreams Docs

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