EA NHL 21 Update 1.31 December 10 Hits the Ice

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EA Vancouver has released the EA NHL 21 update 1.31 December 10 patch, and this brings a few fixes to the game in terms of art and uniforms. Head on below for the official patch notes.

EA NHL 21 Update 1.31 December 10 Patch Notes:



  • Fixed issue with the Calgary Flames Reverse Retro Neckline coloring
  • Fixed Issue with the Colorado Avalanche Reverse Retro Crest being too low on the uniform
  • Fixed an issue with the Ottawa Senators Reverse Retro Crest Coloring on uniform


  • Updated Nurnberg IceTigers Logo


  • Added Spengler Cup teams to Play Now and Online Versus
  • Fixed the text for the Sherwood Code V Player Stick in Creation Zone

That’s it for this patch. It’s a minor one, as we got a beefier title update just earli this month which affected gameplay, bugs and more. You can read that patch right here. If you spot any gameplay-related changes or bug fixes not mentioned in the patch notes above, feel free to leave a comment below to let the other NHL 21 fans on the site know.

Source: EA forums