EA NHL 21 Update 1.31 December 10 Hits the Ice

EA NHL 21 Update 1.31 December 10

EA Vancouver has released the EA NHL 21 update 1.31 December 10 patch, and this brings a few fixes to the game in terms of art and uniforms. Head on below for the official patch notes.

EA NHL 21 Update 1.31 December 10 Patch Notes:



  • Fixed issue with the Calgary Flames Reverse Retro Neckline coloring
  • Fixed Issue with the Colorado Avalanche Reverse Retro Crest being too low on the uniform
  • Fixed an issue with the Ottawa Senators Reverse Retro Crest Coloring on uniform


  • Updated Nurnberg IceTigers Logo


  • Added Spengler Cup teams to Play Now and Online Versus
  • Fixed the text for the Sherwood Code V Player Stick in Creation Zone

That’s it for this patch. It’s a minor one, as we got a beefier title update just earli this month which affected gameplay, bugs and more. You can read that patch right here. If you spot any gameplay-related changes or bug fixes not mentioned in the patch notes above, feel free to leave a comment below to let the other NHL 21 fans on the site know.

Source: EA forums

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