EA UFC 4 Update 4.01 October 19 Brings Gameplay Changes

EA UFC 4 Update 9.00 March 4

Fight fans, EA Vancouver has released the EA UFC 4 update 4.01 October 19 patch! This clocks in at 2GB and includes a host of gameplay-related changes. Read on below for the official patch notes.

EA UFC 4 Update 4.01 October 19 Patch Notes:

Notes obtained from the PS4’s update history.

Major Updates:

  • All venus are now available in Tournament, Event and Online Modes.
  • Added Judges Scores to Fight Stats Screen.

Gameplay Updates:

  • Ground Striking, Transition & Submission Animation Improvements
  • Striking – Lead Spinning Kick Animation slowed down.
  • Striking – Slowed down teep kick in combos.
  • Striking – Enabled strikes in Arcade/Stand-Up modes that weren’t able to be used due to sharing the same button combination of initiating clinch.
  • Striking – Turned walking speed when engaging in striking to allow more time for counter punches.
  • Clinch – Fixed Body Hooks in Single Under against the cage.
  • Takedowns – Tuned Stamina for Tower Takedown.
  • Takedowns – Added additional scramble scenarios after takedown.
  • Takedowns – Scarmbles will now cost stamina for both fighters.
  • KO – Fixed a rare occurrence where knocking out an opponent at end of round will continue into the next round instead of ending it.

Misc. Updates:

  • Fixed an issue in Career where CAFs won’t have tattos in cut scenes
  • Updated tattoos on Renato Moicano.
  • Updated likeness for Johnny Walker.
  • Fixed various clothing issues.

We’re keeping an eye on the official Discord channel for UFC 4 to see if there are more changes included not listed in the patch notes and will update the post if we find any.

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