First PvZ: Garden Warfare Balance Update Now Live, Patch Notes Released

It appears that the folks at PopCap HD had a few tricks up their sleeve when they were having server maintenance last night for Plant vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.

There was a rather sneaky balance patch being implemented server side during maintenance. The update balances Gardens And Graveyards by reducing the capture time throughout each map. Also, the All-Star class received a much needed buff along with the coin boost, which we touched on earlier.

Check out the patch notes below, courtesy of lead gameplay designer C-JO:

Balance Patch Notes

Economy Balancing:

  • More Coins! Yes more coins are now awarded in both Team Vanquish Mode and Gardens & Graveyards.

Sticker Packs:

  • Skip Star Challenge cards are now more plentiful – these are a great way to skip the harder challenges.

Mode Balance:

  • Zombie garden capture time decreased in all maps.

Gameplay Balance Changes:

  • All-Star
    • Increased primary weapon damage, and reduced damage falloff distance.
    • Increased the Imp Punt’s inner blast radius.
  • Soldier
    • Ice Trooper: Reduced weapon damage falloff distance.
  • Scientist
    • Marine Biologist: Reduced weapon damage falloff distance.
    • Dr. Toxic: Increased rate of fire and reduced weapon damage falloff distance.
  • Sunflower:
    • Mystic Sunflower: Increased projectile damage across all three charge levels.

Are you interested to test out the new changes above? Let us know in the comment section below!

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